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Free for a pint of Guinness? My dear Moon won invites to the 2nd Guinness Pointer event last Fri where she and 3 friends would get a free pint upon flashing that email to the staff. This is in a bid to get a few more likes on Guinness’ Singapore Facebook page as well as to introduce more restaurants/pubs to the general public. This event happened to take place at Malone’s Irish Restaurant and Bar located at 313 Somerset Discovery Walk.

Moon invited a lot more people but unfortunately, 2 of our friends were down with fever while the parents had to take care of the kids. Thus, it was just the 2 of us for dinner and drinks.

To share, we ordered the Irish Fishcakes (S$9.90++). If there isn’t such a thing in Ireland, do let me know because I’m curious too. These breaded patties were quite hard tasted a lot more fishy that local fishcakes. Also, you could tell that there was a rather even ratio between the fish and flour so the texture is more like a dense pancake compared to the bouncy local ones. I wasn’t impressed and I felt that there should be a wedge of lemon to cut out some of the pungent fish taste.

Feeling meaty, I ordered the Paddy’s Steak Sandwich (S$17.90++) where it’s a whole steak on a piece of toasted bread and slathered in mustard with a poached egg on top. The other carbs of choice would be the fries. It was a nice combi but the bread was so hard that I just gave up trying to cut steak with bread. Needless to say, I ended up NOT eating the bread. So it was simply steak with egg for me. The fries were really salty but I didn’t mind them after sipping on my Guinness. Moon ordered the Pork Chop (S$15.90++) which came with fries and a small salad. No pics here…oops. Moon’s review is that the pork chops are quite tasty but a little on the tough side. Her thoughts on the fries were exactly the same as mine.

The service staff at Malone’s needs to be a little more attentive. I was waving my hand for a good 2-3 minutes before the manager at the bar saw me and indicated to his staff that I needed someone to take our order. Also, the plates that they serve the mains are huge so our tiny table couldn’t hold the mains and the starter plate. When Moon took the final piece of the fish cake, I held the empty plate up for a good 3-4 minutes again before a staff who happened to walk in my direction grabbed it but again, her manager at the bar had already noticed me waving the plate around before she walked by.

The Guinness Girls should be trained a little more too. One girl was trying to get the next table to ‘like’ the Facebook page and while she was trying to get them to do so and then repeatedly going over to troubleshoot, her butt was almost next to my face. It’s a compact space with small tables placed relatively close to each other…so please be more conscious!

Also, we felt that the tables with Caucasians were the ones who got the props for the photo-taking while the rest of us merely posed with our pints. Moon really wanted to play with the props but alas, they got passed around to the other tables by the Guinness Girls. The main highlight of this meal? Having a free pint thanks to Guinness!

Would I go back to Malone’s? Maybe for a drink but not for the grub. Especially not when there’s Oriole’s opposite and Brotzeit next door.

Malone’s Irish Restaurant & Bar
313 Orchard Road
313 Somerset, Discovery Walk
Singapore 238895

Tel: +65 6884 9981

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