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As seen from my previous post, Moon and I went to the Cosmo event but when we left it, there was more ‘action’! We bumped into the Evian folks where we went with their tagline “Live Young Now” and hammed it up for the camera:

See that balloon at the back? It hovers and flies up high enough for us to wave/make silly large movements so that it can dispense lucky dips for us. Moon won herself a bottle of Evian which came in their limited edition bottle. Jealous. Hahaha.

Look at what I won! I’m going to watch this with Ming on Mon. It’ll be another sob fest although I kinda cheated and went to the bookstore to check the ending of the novel. I hope that I won’t be disappointed with the movie. 😛

I liked how they made everything really fun and for me to collect the complimentary pass, I had to burst a random balloon held by one of the Evian guys wearing a pink Evian T-shirt. The balloon was filled with confetti too! Haha…really quite fun!

It really was a great evening where I got to hang out with one of my besties, grab a great goodie bag and win stuff too! 🙂

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