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Was delighted to receive 4 tickets to “The Secrets of Masego”, the first every Halloween Spa Party in Singapore! They had me at ‘spa’. So, I brought along my friends to the event. Each ticket retails for S$88 but it includes a 60-min massage that is worth S$68 so it’s really a worth while ticket. SAFRA members could also purchase it at a discounted price of S$76 (if I remember correctly).

Upon entering Masego Spa, we were each treated to punch served in a skull glass. I really liked the glass and I wished that I could take one home! Entering the spa, we soon reached the Face Painting section where you could get drawn up as a Halloween ghoul or have tribal art painted on. I opted not to do it because I would’ve then needed to wash my face before going home. Too troublesome but the children really loved this section.

They had an Instagram print out booth but I was kinda bummed that they only printed 1 photo per Instagram account. Loved the various Safari animal masks that they provided!

After taking the above photo, we went off exploring the spa and went for the hand waxing which gave all of us smooth and moisturised hands! Each of us then went for the 10 min ear wax candling and head massage.  The head massage was amazing and I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t quite care for the ear wax candling…not sure what that was for. The queue for the massage felt a bit ad hoc but after a bit, everyone decided to just stand in line instead of walking about so the queue then became pretty obvious.

Our VIP tickets entitled us to a free beer as well as cupcakes. Dester beer is from Korea and was the kind drink sponsors for the event. If you like your beer light with no after taste, then Dester is for you. If you prefer your beers more full-bodied, then stick to Asahi or Tiger.

There was other types of food sold there too but when you’re in the mood for a spa, food was the last thing on my mind. Drinks perhaps, but not food.

My ‘twin’ went for a Tarot Card reading, which cost $10 for 2 questions and another $10 for additional questions. I didn’t go for it because I have yet to meet a Tarot Card reader who doesn’t give you general readings. When I saw her flipping the cards, I was also a bit cynical about her readings because she flipped them any old way…which is kinda strange because I have a friend who used to be into Tarot Card readings and she had told me that the way one flips the cards open was important too. You wouldn’t want to screw up the original reading, right?

There was a Henna Art booth there too, with Rachael Rose Henna Art Creations. She’s a really young artist at only 20 years old!

Check out my coloured henna with some bling bling crystals too! This was not part of the ticket cost and a simple henna would’ve cost us $10 each but we paid $20 due to it being coloured and with crystals. I really like the art done but I would’ve appreciated it if she had asked us what we wanted and advised us about the cost before going ahead with it. If I had known that colour henna would’ve cost $5 more and another $5 for the crystals, I would’ve opted for the basic henna art.

 This is how our Henna art looks like after the paste dries up and drops off.

My friends decided to go for the complimentary express manicure, which incldues free nail foil art. I already had my nail art on so I didn’t go for it. As you can see from my friend’s nails (right), she opted for the super cute pink and black nail foils with polka dots. They also gave out vouchers to complimentary Gel Mani at Mary Chia’s Serangoon branch but alas, it is not convenient for me to go all the way there just for a manicure.

There was an acrobatic act as well but my hand was henna-ed and I couldn’t whip out my phone to take photos or a video of it. It was really quite beautiful as the dancer gracefully spun herself using 2 arial cloths.

There was a lucky draw at 11pm that evening and out of the 5 winners, only 1 was present to collect her prize. Gah…was hoping that they’d redraw all the winners. Hahaha.

Overall, it was quite a fun evening and thanks to the Mary Chia team for organising it! I reckon that they should organise more of such events, not just during Halloween!

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