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That’s me chilling with an eye mask. Not just any eye mask, but Kao’s latest “Eye Steam Mask”! I managed to get a sample of their lavender eye steam mask and I was really intrigued by it because you do not need to heat it up with water or crack anything. Also, with the name “Eye Steam”, I really wondered whether there would be any steam coming out from the mask although I really do not want my eyes to be cooked by hot vapour.

It opens up like this and as you can see, there is a patch in the middle which is the part that is infused with the scent (if you get the scented ones) and the heating element. It is written on the box that this eye mask contains iron, so please do not use this if you’re allergic to iron compounds.

This mask opens out into the eye mask as seen on my face and you sorta tear out the elastic bands located in the middle. The elastic bands are to be hooked on your ears so as to secure the mask.

How does the mask feel? Really warm! It is stated that the mask can reach temperatures of about 40 deg C so if you find that too hot, do the eye masking in an air-conditioned room. I found the eye mask quite relaxing and the lavender scent was quite pleasant. Interestingly, the mask tightened a little after a while and I realised that it’s because the heating caused the centre patches to bloat.

Would I use it again? Probably. It really is quite relaxing and it’s not too expensive as you can get a box of 5 for S$6.90 at Watson’s.

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