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I was very privileged to be given complimentary V-Face Shaper treatments, which is the signature treatment at ClearSK! These treatments come at a very timely manner because after hitting 28, the skin around my neck is starting to sag and *gasp* I feel like I’m developing a double chin. So yes…I need my V-Face back 😉

If you’re wondering what a V-Face is…you can see it from the image above and as the banner reads, ClearSK’s V-Face Shaper treatment is non-surgical so there is absolutely no downtime.

What I liked about ClearSK off the bat is that it is not just a spa but it also has medical doctors available for consultation (by appointment only). It does make me feel a lot better that these therapists weren’t talking pseudo-medical terms without knowing what they actually mean.

I went to the branch located at Novena Square and I liked that it was bright and clean while the Service Officer, Princess, at the reception was really friendly. She also explained to me that the V-Face Shaper treatment is painless, non-surgical and does not have any needles (good for those with phobia of needles). It works by using Bi-Polar RF (Radio Frequency) to agitate and breakdown the fats located around the jawline. After this, they use another RF to tighten the skin because after you breakdown the fats you wouldn’t want sagging skin right?

Before going for the treatment, I was taken to a consultation room to get my skin analysed by the funky looking machine at the bottom.

I call this ‘dormant’ stage

When it’s lit and ready for your face to be placed inside
Ready for my face to be analysed!

The machine ‘rates’ your face based on the roughness, pores, spots, wrinkles and brown spots (UV spots) which are under the current skin layer but will show up in years to come.

After evaluating all categories, the machine concluded that the age of my skin is 30.55. I don’t know whether to feel happy/sad/neutral because it means that my skin is only half a year younger than my actual age. Mmm…I am taking care of my skin but I guess not as intensively as I should? The main aging factor has to do with my laziness when it comes to sunblock.

See the above categorical report…99% UV spots that a 30 year old should/could have. Ok…I geddit. Sunblock it shall be.

After the skin analysis, I was made to wait while the previous customer finishes up (they only have 1 machine there). After waiting for about 10-15 minutes, I was led into the treatment room which has a very nice fluffy and warm blanket that reminded me of my personal comforter. Snug as a bug. I would’ve fallen asleep but I was woken up by an angry customer who was told that her appointment was delayed due to a shortage of therapists. I agree with the customer that someone should’ve called her to inform but I disagreed with her tone because we’re all humans and we all deserve to be spoken to with some level of respect unless he/she really messed things up.

Anyway, I had to wait for another 10-15 minutes before the therapist came and shut the door (no more interruptions) before proceeding to cleanse my skin and starting the V-Face Shaper treatment. The cleansing process is similar to most spas and when the 1st RF procedure started, I could only feel the gentle probing of the machine against my jawline and there was a high pitched buzzing sound along with it. This is where the stubborn fat cells are being encouraged to reduce its size.

The skin tightening RF procedure was also painless but it did cause a bit of warmth to radiate across the skin so the therapist did warn me about it before starting the procedure and told me to inform her if it became too uncomfortable. I could feel the rollers going across my face and it was like a very firm facial massage. Can’t complain because it was soothing and the thought that my skin was going to be tightened and firmed up just made me relax and go to lala land (I really fell asleep during my 2nd treatment). After the RF procedures, the therapist proceeded to put a mask on my face. Mind you, this mask not only covered my face but also my neck!

The above is just before my 1st treatment while the pic below is just after my 2nd treatment.

As you can see, the protruding start of a double chin on the left side of my face (look on your right) is gone! I’m quite impressed because I did feel a tightening around my jawline after my first treatment but the reduction of the double chin wasn’t so obvious till after the 2nd treatment.

Another great side effect of the V-Face Shaper procedure is that my pores are now tighter! Thus, my blackheads are less visible and this is something that all my pore packs and face masks have been unable to do for ages. A lot of other facials too, now that I think about it.

I highly recommend this treatment if you are concerned about your double chin as you will see results almost immediately. The therapists recommend doing it every week to really reduce the double chin and maintain the V shape. Ideally, one should have 6-12 sessions in total. Best thing? Nobody would think that you’ve had anything done because it’s non-invasive and has no downtime!

Do visit ClearSK at any of their current outlets located conveniently at:
Novena Medical Centre
Novena Square, Velocity
Toa Payoh

Hotline: +65 6100 6868

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