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Decided to celebrate my birthday a day early with some close friends at Prive’s latest branch located at Chijmes as it seemed like a casual place for brunch, which is similar to its first cafe at Keppel island. It was a very HOT and SUNNY day and for some reason, my good friends ordered a pitcher of Watermelon Sangria. Very summery!! Problem? Not enough white wine. It was a very watered down sangria.

We had a group of 14 pax and 2 babies, so they sat us at a corner which received direct sunlight. Needless to say, the air-conditioning from the bar area did not flow out to where we were. They tried shifting one of the mobile air-coolers towards us but when a family came to sit in that corner, they completely blocked out any cool air. But it wasn’t the air but the sun that was heating things up.

For the food…I won’t be able to state the prices because it was my birthday lunch so I simply ate what people ordered without a care about prices.

I ordered the onion rings with cheese sauce and I was a tad disappointed because although the onions were fab, the cheese sauce was TOO LITTLE!!! 

They have an all-day breakfast menu and so a friend ordered their big breakfast and chose to have the eggs done sunny-side up. It was pretty normal. There’s a sausage hiding under those eggs and bread.

I ordered the lobster spaghetti and I liked how it was chockful of lobster and the Parmesan shavings were generous. However, the spaghetti was overcooked and it was not done al dente. 

Another dish from the breakfast menu was the Eggs Royale, which consisted of 2 poached eggs on top of smoked salmon and drizzled with Hollandaise sauce. My friends insisted that this was definitely a lot better than the big breakfast.

Some of them ordered a Fisherman’s pizza, which essentially is seafood pizza. I nicked a slice and it was quite good. I think this was one of the better dishes and the sun helped to keep the pizza warm (ironically). They ought to have the pizzas listed in the menu of Prive Keppel Island.

All of us were a little let-down by the service because our table was very full and we were the ones clearing the table, getting our water jugs refilled and helping ourselves to cutlery and the menu. One of my friends had ordered earlier than another couple but the other couple got their food first. Moreover, when we asked for my cake to be served, nobody bothered to clear our table so again, we started to move all the empty and dirty dishes away. Speaking of cake…

Tada! Presenting to you, my Strawberry souffle birthday cake from Glace. Thank you Ming for going all the way to Novena before my luncheon to get the cake! I can’t get over how sharp my chin looks in this photo…and I wanna thank ClearSK for it! Check out their V-Face Shaper treatments!

BIG BIG BIG thanks for the gifts! Some of them are going to give belated ones because I’ve been assured of a Baby Groot (yes!!)!

I’ve already started using the Victoria Secrets body mist, which is really amusingly named “Bombshell”, the earrings and the bracelet. I’ll drink the Moscato soon (Christmas?) and I’m definitely going to spend the iTunes voucher sparingly. Ooh…what should I get? *excited face*

In the end, with the right bunch of friends, the poor service was overlooked as I had great fun catching up with my close friends and I even got some playtime with my 2 godchildren! I wouldn’t mind going to Prive Chijmes again simply because it’s a lot more accessible compared to Keppel Island, the ambiance is really quite good and the food isn’t too bad for the prices.

Prive @ Chijmes
30 Victoria Street
Singapore 187996

Tel: +65 6776 0777

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