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What do you do after a Mookata session at Boat Quay? Go for desserts of course! Cube and I chanced upon Madame Patisserie and decided to indulge ourselves in this quiet little cafe that faces the Singapore River.

Firstly, ignore their menu. Unless you want to order drinks. Otherwise, walk up to their display counter where they have saliva-inducing treats waiting for you to pick and devour.

Secondly, be adventurous. One of the cakes that we chose was the Earl Grey Strawberry Mousse cake (S$8.50++) which is such a pretty thing with multiple layers of cake, mousse and strawberry jelly jam. I loved how light this was and it was not cloyingly sweet. The sharpness of the strawberry was neutralised nicely with the fluffy mouse and the bergamot from the earl grey complimented the whole bite. Oh…did I mention that this was just from 1 forkful?

Onto something a little heavier, this is the Caramelia Mousse cake (S$8.50++). The base is a brownie with small pieces of nuts. On top of that is caramelised banana slices which is buried by a layer of caramel mousse. Chocolate + Banana = match made in heaven. Although this cake was a lot heavier than the Strawberry Mousse cake, it still surprisingly easy to finish as you do not get sick of eating it after 3 bites. In terms of flavours, this is definitely is less complicated and is just a darn good cake.

Ooh…found Olaf hanging out with Baker Minions there! Hahaha…this is testament to the creative bakers behind Madame Patisserie. The kitchen looks like a wonderful and fun place to just bake and create lots of interesting desserts. If you’re interested, they do have 8-week baking courses for all levels at S$500.

Madame Patisserie markets itself as a high tea cafe situated within the CBD but besides pastries, they do serve mains such as pasta and duck confit. However, with those prices, I’m not sure whether I would try them. The cakes, however, yes…I’d like to gobble down all of their creations. Alas, I have my waistline to watch.

If you’re near Boat Quay/ Clarke Quay and have a cake craving, do pop over to Madame Patisserie and try out their desserts on display!

Madame Patisserie
76 Boat Quay
Singapore 049864

Tel: +65 65367028
Website: http://www.madamepatisserie.com/pastry/

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat: 8.00am to 11.00pm
Sun: 8.00am to 8.00pm

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