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I really shouldn’t. But I did. I couldn’t resist buying this limited edition Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary nail set (S$40) when I went to Sephora after work. I had an extra 20% discount thanks to my Black Sephora card, which really helped to push me into grabbing this for myself. Although I went into Sephora purely to find nice gift items for Christmas.

See the crystals just below the nail file? Those aren’t simple crystals. They’re Hello Kitty crystals! Each crystal is in the shape of Kitty-chan! The red ones? Apples!

How cute is the tin can that all the nail stuff was placed in? Gah…I’m such a sucker for cute things. There are other limited edition Hello Kitty cosmetic sets but I already have a lot of lip glosses and eye shadows, and unlike nail polishes, you don’t really need that many of those. To me at least. I can’t wait to use the stuff from this box but I’ll have to wait because I broke 2 nails this week 🙁

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