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Does this look like I’m eating canteen food? LOL. This was my lunch at Pack’d and I ordered the Hearty Set Meal (S$12.90) which consists of:
1 hot main (choice of Beef Meatballs/ Pulled Chicken/ Stew of the Day on rice or pasta)
1 drink
1 dessert (choice of muffin or croissant)

I went for the Beef Meatballs on rice and chocolate muffin. Another set would be the Sandwich Set (S$12) which consists of:
1 sandwich (too many choices)
1 salad (2 choices of their salad spread)
1 coffee/ tea

There were a few ups and down eating at Pack’d. Let’s start with the good: the bright coloured furniture of Pack’d and couple that with the fact that it is located next to window facing the Suntec City Fountain of Wealth immediately gives you an immediate perk up!  I love how the food was ‘packed’ into a metal square baking tin! It’s convenient for us consumers to carry the food from the counter to the cutlery/condiments booth before heading over to a table. The food was surprisingly yummy too! I was also pleasantly surprised that they heated up my chocolate chip muffin. New favourite lunch spot found! If you’re feeling a bit down, I think this place can provide that slight cheer.

Now…the not-so-good: the staff was obviously not trained because all of them behaved slightly like deer-in-the-headlight. A lot of them couldn’t remember what the sets entail. They didn’t inform my colleague that a cappuccino costs an extra S$2 before they brewed it for her. The bin meant for self-clearing was full so we couldn’t clear up our table even though we wanted to. The staff was probably part-timers who are just working through their holidays before school begins in Jan, so we didn’t really kick up a fuss. Besides, the delicious food, relaxing view and the cheery decor makes up for it.

I later learned that Pack’d is by the Les Amis group, which explained the high quality of salads and sandwiches. Great that besides the sets, you can also choose to get the salads/ mains/ sandwiches ala carte with prices ranging from S$6.90 to S$9. For the quality, Pack’d is really value-for-money and is affordable too!

Suntec City Mall
#B1-169/170 Temasek Boulevard


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