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Chanced upon Henri Charpentier through a friend when we were trying to help my colleague find a proper gift for his step-mum. Despite me being a foodie, I’ve never heard of this popular (and famous) Japanese patisserie chain.

Opened in Japan in 1969, Henri Charpentier is a French style Japanese patisserie and its namesake is the father of Crepe Suzette. It’s a no brainer that their signature dish is the Crepe Suzette. Other signature delectable pastries would be their Madeleines and Financiers. Alas, I did not get the chance to sit down for dessert because we were there simply to get a gift before I had to rush home.

Sorry, I was too busy talking to my colleague that I didn’t get the chance to take photos of their first flagship store outside Japan. Located at Dempsey, it is just opposite my favourite House restaurant! What greets you is their distinct fuchsia pink carpet before you open the doors that have customised handles with their logo on it.

The service is a bit slow and the friend who recommended me to this place complained that they don’t seem to answer their phones when she tried to make a reservation several times. The wait staff definitely aren’t rushing along and they do tend to you in an unhurried fashion. While waiting for one of them to attend to us, I was sucked into their display fridge and I caved in…

I bought their Mille-Crepe (S$9+) and their Mont Blacnc (S$9+) and I loved how they packaged it with supporting blocks so that your cakes don’t move about. They even have a protective ‘fence’ around my Mont Blanc! On the right, there’s a small little box where they placed a ice pack so that my cakes aren’t wilting by the time I get home. Brilliant! Ok…one up on Lady M.

Here comes the taste test.

Let’s start with the Mille-Crepe. For S$9+ a slice, it is comparable to Lady M but you feel slightly better because you still have fruits on top of it whereas Lady M’s version is just plain ole cream and crepes. However, when you put it into your mouth, I have to say that I prefer Lady M. Not that Charpentier’s version wasn’t tasty (my family loved it), just that Lady M’s was a little more…fulfilling?

My Mont Blanc was a little damaged during transport despite the fences and cardboard boxes to keep it from jostling. The irony is that the chestnut cream stuck to the side of the ‘fence’, resulting in it’s less-than-perfect reappearance when the box was opened. Nevertheless, we shall judge this Mont Blanc by its taste and not its looks.

First bite and I’m in Mont Blanc heaven. I finally found it! THE best Mont Blanc in Singapore! The chestnut cream was wonderfully rich with chestnut flavour while still being balanced with the tart and cream inside. They did something delightful in the centre of the cream dome – they added a marron glace (candied chestnut) as the centre. Mmm…yum! The cream that they used within the ‘mountain’ is also delicious and they definitely added something into the whipped cream as it does not taste like your typical cream. The pastry tart crumbles nicely in your mouth and not on your fork too. The dessert god is definitely smiling upon this.

Ok…this calls for a proper visit to sit down and eat their disgustingly expensive desserts (S$18++ for Crepe Suzette??!!) and do a proper review. One day. When I’m feeling rich. Or happy. Or both.

Henri Charpentier
9A Dempsey Road
Singapore 247698

Tel: +65 6479 5518
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm

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