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Was invited by TANGS to the Burberry Winter Glow 2014 Make-up Collection showcase. The event took place at Burberry’s counter in TANGS, Orchard earlier this evening and it was meant to be a cocktail affair while Burberry’s makeup artist showcased 2 looks using items from the latest Winter Collection. All attendees also received a $50 voucher (with minimum spending of $100) for use on that day itself.

The signature Burberry Trench Coat made its appearance as we were introduced to the day look with the subtle dewy look that’s highlighted with subtle shimmer. The constant fact that was continually mentioned was that the Winter Glow collection is in a limited edition gold packaging. Ok, noted with thanks. I do like the gold packaging but the constant plugging of it was a little OTT. Although, she did mention that those who purchased any make-up items could get it engraved on that day, get an express manicure AND get their names written in calligraphy as a bookmark.

Anyway, the look above is known as “Fresh Glow” and the make-up artist was selling the base, which apparently can be used on top of foundation to refresh one’s make-up! Now, that’s interesting. It’s also nice to see a natural glow as ‘the look’ for the season, which is contrasted with bright red nails. I guess it’s about featuring one’s features. Another make-up item that was talked about was the mascara that is apparently, very suitable for Asians because the tip is thin but still has a lot of hairs and this helps to coat every small lash and thus, making your eyes appear brighter. As it’s waterproof and has a new formula, it will prevent our lashes from drooping in our humid weather.

Another thing from the Winter Glow collection is the fragrance “My Burberry” and I can only describe it as slightly floral and powdery without being overpowering. It’s not too sweet so it’s still refreshing but it is definitely more of a floral perk up rather than fruity. I don’t mind getting this as my next scent.

The other door gift was ‘The Book Of Gifts’ which is really a catalogue of all the Burberry products. Definitely a source of Burberry lust after flipping through the pages. If you want to purchase this, you can do so from my Carousell page carousell.co/melfann.

With regards to the event, I felt that the venue was not the most conducive for the size of the crowd. All of us were huddled at one part and those at the 2nd or 3rd ‘row’ definitely wouldn’t be able to see the make-up showcase properly. Also, as this was another ‘come-see-then-buy’ event, I felt that there should be a more Burberry staff to service all of us. I was quite interested in the base and the fragrance but simply due to the lack of service, I couldn’t be bothered. In addition, the catering staff was almost non-existent. It seemed rather magical that some people had champagne flutes and I spied my keen eye on only 2 trays of canapes that were snapped up within 1 minute. Not very good when the event started at 7.30pm and all of us women were hungry. Yet one more reason for me to walk off with my door gift and hunt for a proper dinner.

Nonetheless, I am looking forward to going back to Burberry to look and see the make-up without the crowd. Too bad I wouldn’t have the $50 discount 🙁

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