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As I mentioned in my previous post on Bee Choo Hair Treatment – Week 2, my friend and I were to try out the Tiong Bahru branch since a colleague with longer hair than me, apparently paid less.

The address on their website is not very updated. It does not include bus 121 which you can take from the bus stop just outside Tiong Bahru MRT and it is about 2 stops away. However, my friend and I walked from Tiong Bahru MRT and it really isn’t that far away. Sure, it’s a lot further away from the MRT compared to the Clementi branch but a short walk never hurts anyone.

First impression of the Tiong Bahru branch is this:

  • less crowded
  • newer furniture
  • nicer staff

Sadly, when it came to the price, I ended up paying $46. I really must ask my colleague how she managed to get it only at $38. So, the cashier explained to me their pricing (note, this only applies to females):

Hair touching the ear                       $36
Hair between the ear and shoulder  $38
Hair touching the shoulder              $46
Hair touching the chest area            $52
Hair longer than the chest area        $60

My advice to Bee Choo is to kindly update their graphics because it’s really quite misleading and will be a source of great discontent if people want to argue about it.

Anyway, my conclusion is that I’m going to go to the Tiong Bahru branch from now on. They didn’t bother to hardsell or upsell me any products, they were a lot more gentle with my head and you didn’t feel like you were being herded off like an animal that’s off to be packed. The staff felt a lot more sincere and they didn’t bother you except to ask you whether the temperature of the water is ok and to politely ask you to move off to the next station.

I noticed that over the past 3 weeks, my baby hair hasn’t dropped out yet so it’s a good sign that my new precious strands are not weak. As the herbs will dye your hair brownish red, you can kiss your hair dyes away (unless you want it light brown/blond). Also, I do notice that my hair is a lot softer but because it has already been previously damaged, it does not take out any kink so it still looks horribly frizzy but I know that it’s due to the damaged strands.

It’s still too soon to conclude whether this is the cure to my hair loss woes but I’ll check back every month to let you guys know!

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