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My dad read an article in Sunday Times recently about Alt. Pizza and he got all excited about it because the owner of Alt. Pizza (Matthew White) had helped to launch Extra Virgin Pizza and I had brought my dad to Extra Virgin Pizza once and he was so impressed by the pizza there that he remembered the name. Long story short, we finally went to Alt. Pizza for dinner.

Located at a tiny corner of Suntec City, Tower 4, it is no wonder that this place is not as popular as Peperoni downstairs. It is on Level 1 and is next to the taxi stand. It is outside of the main shopping area and because of that, it does have a few tables located outside for al fresco dining.

The place is decorated with very bright neon colours and I love the puns – Love with Slice us Apart/ Everyday we’ll be trufflin’ etc. The pop art decor isn’t what one would normally associate with artisanal pizzas but it’s quirky and it explains the funky names given to the various pizzas.

Dad ordered their Tangerine Wheat Craft Draft Beer (S$10++) and this is one of the 3 craft beers to choose from. I recommend the Tangerine Wheat because it’s a little more unique and true to its name, you’ll get a citrus after taste with the first notes of fruitiness. It’s a light beer so ladies will like it too.

For starters, we tried their Calamari Fritti (S$10++) which is fried with rosemary and another herb and served with a chipotle lime aioli. Loved the aioli and the calamari was well seasoned. I prefer the smaller type of squid though because although the squid was soft and cooked well, this large squid tends to have this band/vein through it that makes it hard to chew through.

First up is their Truffle Shuffle (S$14++), which has a white sauce base and comes with fennel sausage, caramelised onions, roasted mushrooms and truffle oil – all on an 11″ thin crust. In fact, all their pizzas are thin crust and at 11″ and you start to make the Extra Virgin Pizza connection since EVP also fixes their pizza size and type.

Ok…taste test! I was expecting a heavy aroma of truffle to bombard my nose when I picked up a slice and alas, I was sorely disappointed. The onions were good and the mushroom was tasty but…truffle? 🙁 Other than that, it was a good pizza.

Next was the Crabby Ninja (S$18++) and it comes with a red pepper cream sauce, blue crab meat, cherry tomatoes, basil and smoked cheddar. Now THIS tasted a lot better than the Truffle Shuffle and it delivered what it promised. The basil was a nice contrast to the crab and cuts back on the oil from the cheese. The fresh tomatoes were sweet and juicy, adding a little more depth to the pizza. Each slice had a generous serving of crab meat so one can’t complain there.

2 pizzas are more than enough for 3 Asians but if you’re really hungry, you can have a whole pizza to yourself. If you don’t fancy their standard pizzas, you can even build your own! The full menu can be found here. They do have daily special pizza flavours so do check those out too! They are taking orders online but it’s currently meant more for takeaways since they only deliver within Suntec City and Millennia Walk. Now…will they ever have set lunches?? Only time will tell.

Alt. Pizza
Suntec City Tower 4
Singapore 038983

Tel: +65 6836 9208
Email: (reservations only for parties of 8 pax and above, dinner only)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm, daily

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