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I know that it’s the year of the Goat but instead of having motifs of goat/ram/sheep, my obsession for this year turned out to be Cherry/Peach blossoms.

It first started out with the wreath that I made as a decoration for my front door. As you can see, it’s full of (what I think are) cherry blossoms but they could’ve been peach blossoms for all I know. Then, I went on to buy a Peach Blossom tree for S$238.

I have been wanting a cherry blossom/ peach blossom tree in my flat for Chinese New Year since last year and this year, I finally made my parents drive me down to the nursery to buy it. I took a photo of the tree everyday for the past 10 days and you can see the video below:

The blossoms were really gorgeous when fully bloomed and I joked with my family and friends that hopefully, I will get some proper 桃花运with this Peach Blossom tree. Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou?

Anyway, the obsession continues on with my nails…

Those blossoms and branches were painted by yours truly and I must say that I impressed myself because I was scared that I would mess up the branches since my brushwork isn’t very good. Guess it’s getting better and probably most suited to drawing branches. A colleague found a design where the base was baby blue and the cherry blossoms had white petals. Perhaps I shall do that design for next week.

Nonetheless, it is the year of the Goat and here’s me wishing everyone 羊年快乐,三羊开泰,喜气羊羊!

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