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The last trip to Bee Choo for my friend and I was 3 weeks ago and let me just say that both of us could feel the effects of leaving such a long period between treatments. My friend felt that her dandruff was back and that her hair was very flat. As for myself, my scalp was oily and I found more white hairs despite me using the tonic every single day!

So…I couldn’t help but think of the following questions:

  1. Am I still losing so much hair and have an oily scalp due to stress?
  2. Does the treatment make you reliant on frequent treatments going forward?
  3. Is there a less time consuming treatment?

Sadly, those are questions that cannot be easily answered. However, I’m going to switch back to my expensive Aveda hair tonic after my current bottle of tonic is finished just so as to compare scalp conditions. Then I will know whether it’s stress or the alcohol in the current hair tonic that is causing my oily scalp to be back.

Nonetheless, lesson learnt is that 2 weeks is the max we should leave in between treatments. Want to read about my previous sessions? Here they are:

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