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As mentioned previously, I started my gym membership in November 2014 as part of my ‘Get Fit’ plan. Decided to join the same gym as my friend because it’s near to my office (1 MRT stop away) and with her going to regular yoga classes, it kinda forced me to turn up for classes too.

It was definitely not easy in the beginning. However, ever since I started regular yoga classes, I can feel slight changes in my health. I’m definitely feeling a lot stronger and although I’m very stressed out at work, the classes have been my coping mechanism. This is extremely beneficial to my coping with depression too. I’ve been trying to go pill-free for the past 3 years and I’ve been successful so far thanks to keeping myself calm and active. Sure, there are those down days but when I’m in class, I’m focusing on holding the poses, stretching and my breathing that I have no way to dwell and spiral down.

When I wrote that I felt stronger, it is not psychological but physical. I’ve managed to convert 1 kg of fat into 1 kg of muscle! Below are the print outs from the Fat Analyzer machine at the gym. By the way…don’t try to add up the Soft Lean Mass and Fat Free Mass because ‘Soft lean mass’ is part of ‘Fat Free Mass’. Haha…I scrubbed out my total weight 😛

The above 2 analysis reports were taken on 24 Nov, the day where I was introduced to the Fat Analyzer machine but I had already been going for at least 1 yoga class per week starting from 1 Nov.
As you can see, in less than a month, I managed to convert 1 kg of fat into 1 kg of muscle. This is why some people say “Oh you’ve lost weight” when the scales aren’t changing but you do feel slimmer. You want to put on muscle to help burn fat.

Fast forward to something a little more recent. The good news is that I’m maintaining my lean muscle despite the occasional laziness (ie. skipping classes) and sheer exhaustion where I either went home to rest or went to sleep in my gym’s salt recovery room.

I’m still overweight and I still have to work 3 times harder than others to burn off my fats. I am still not as flexible as 90% of the others in the class but I do get a sense of personal satisfaction when I find certain poses easier to hold and I’m able to last the whole hour.

Found this infographic (click to expand) on Huffington Post and I think it’s a great summary about all the benefits you’ll get…even from the 1st yoga class!

yoga infographic

If you’re still cynical and/or hesitant about this rise in popularity of yoga which seems to be common amongst juicing vegans and other new age folks, why not ease yourself into it through something that is non-committal and is only for 1 day? WellnessYogi RESET is meant more for destressing as well as be a day of fun activities to help you cope with stress and unhealthy lifestyles. We all need a break. So see you and your friends there on 11 July!

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