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So…I’ve been receiving a lot of private queries from some of you dear readers about my experience with Bee Choo and whether I’m continuing my treatments there. Honestly, I can safely say that I’m NOT impressed with their hair tonic. I’ve been using it for 4 months faithfully everyday and it does not keep the scalp less oily compared to my Aveda tonic…looks like it’s back to expensive Aveda tonic for me.

I got a real shocker when I looked at some of the photos from the Music Run because my hair loss is really getting very bad. Honestly, I do know that my hair loss has been exacerbated by my work stress but I chanced upon these videos on the Dr Oz Show that talks about causes of hair loss, the bad habits that we have that promotes hair loss (hot showers and tying up hair!!). Watch the videos here!

Below are some tips and habits that I’m going to pick up from the show:

  • moisturise my hair before a shampoo
  • start taking biotin supplements

Also, I’m going to get the following gadget:

This is called HairMax and it’s a cold laser comb that stimulates the hair follicles so that thinning hair will become fuller and so that your hair will grow thicker. Unfortunately, this does not revive any dead hair follicles so it works a lot better if you just noticed the thinning/hair loss issue.

It costs S$451.76 (inclusive of international standard shipping) on Amazon and it does seem very expensive at first but here’s my reasoning: I spend $48/treatment at Bee Choo. This $452 is less than 10 treatments there. Moreover, this has been scientifically proven to work for the past 10 years. There are TONS of reviews of this comb on YouTube and you can watch them till the cows come home. None of them horribly bad. Therefore…it’s really not expensive in the long term!

I’ll still go to Bee Choo once a month but more as a dye job and to keep the oily scalp under control. I kinda enjoy the whole process as it gives me the illusion that I’m being pampered. LOL.

By the way, don’t bother buying this from Qoo10 as the seller has marked the prices up. HairMax’s main website does not give you a discount when you buy from other countries except USA. Thus, just go to Amazon to get it. Link is:

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