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If you’re single in your 20’s, people don’t give you that much pressure and the usual thing you’ll hear is “Oh…don’t worry, you’re still young. The One is still out there.” But when you enter your 30’s and you’re still single, it’s the reverse that’s happening and suddenly you’re pressurised to feel like you’ve got some sort of ‘use-by’ date labelled across your head.

Here is a list of things that really irk me and my fellow singles who are in their 30’s. Psst…the list isn’t exhaustive.

1. You must be fussy

Uh…no. To be fussy means that there’s a whole long queue (or line for my American readers) who are beating against my door waiting to go on a date with me but I tell all of them ‘No thanks’. OR I’ve got a long list of criteria for my perfect other half so I do not accept anyone who comes my way. Truth is that I’ve simply have not met anyone with enough chemistry that I want to go out on a date with. Am I too busy with work? Probably. However, I have been going out with friends to group events but have I met anyone whom I’ve made a connection with? None.

Oh…this statement is usually a follow-up to the question, “You are still single/not married?”

2. You’re not getting younger anymore
Duh…no joke Einstein. Hmm…I didn’t realise that when my age increased with each passing year. Maybe I’ve found the fountain of youth and am not sharing the secret.

I do know that with age, chances of me getting pregnant gets lower and conceiving a healthy baby also decreases. And I do want to have children. The maternal instinct is getting stronger especially when friends and cousins are popping babies left, right and centre. But…would you rather I go find somebody who I can put up with remotely and get married just to have babies? Uh…I think I’d rather go to a sperm bank for that. Maybe that’s just what I will do…if I really just want to have a baby but I think a life partner goes beyond that.

3. You mean there isn’t anyone around you whom you like?
Yup. This isn’t the same as making platonic friends you know. Hey…you married person, you ought to know this better than me! Did you settle for someone whom you had no romantic feelings for? (-_-)

And before you accuse me of friend-zoning all the nice guys…friend zoning is a 2 way street too. So there may be instances where a female likes a male but he friend zones HER. In my case, I’ve only told ONE male friend that I only see him as a friend. Nobody else has expressed interest in me romantically. Said friend moved on and went on to pursue other women.

4. Aren’t you worried?
About what? Being lonely and unwanted until I die? Turning desperate? That all you judgemental people will not stop commenting about my life and making me feel lacking?

Well…I’ve got a bunch of good friends and family members plus their offspring(s) to keep me company until I find the RIGHT one.

Paraphrasing my bestie, I’d rather settle with someone who’s right and it doesn’t matter when I meet him. Another friend also told me that with medical technology these days, we need not worry so much and he married late and his wife was 35 when they married and they now have a 2 year old. So yup…I’ll leave it in God’s hands and I’m doing my best to meet new people too. So…anyone? ;P

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