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I got to know Mia on a trip to Vietnam where we went on the same day trip and when we went on the boat, both of us took photos of each other and promised to exchange photos through email once we both returned to Singapore. Mind you, this was the year before selfie sticks were the rage.

The start of a friendship

After our trip and in the bus, we started talking and I found out that Mia is a Taiwanese who relocated to Singapore after marrying a Singaporean. In her own words, she said, “What choice do I have? Who asked me to marry a Singaporean? Hahaha!”

Effervescent. That’s one word that I’d use to describe Mia. Her friendliness is really contagious and she constantly impresses me with her usage of Mandarin. Trust me, I know a lot of PRCs and a few Taiwanese but few use Mandarin like her. Anyway, I digress.

When I got back to Singapore, both of us added each other on Facebook and I found out that Mia is a make up artist! Thus, it was a bit of a no-brainer to ask her about participating in my event “WellnessYogi RESET” and her response was superbly swift. She was in and together, we came up with the topic “Reset Your Youth“and we sat down for a quick conversation:

Mia in our banner promoting our Facebook Giveaway contest last month

Me: When did you realise your interest in make up?

Mia: I took up a degree in radiography but realised during the course that I did not enjoy working in the hospital.  However, I discovered that I had a strong passion in makeup and picked up the skills like second nature when I was undergoing training with my makeup teacher during university days.

Me: How long did it take for you to become a professional make up artist?

Mia: From the start of my Shiseido days and a part-time model with an agency during my university days, it took me about 4 years to complete the course in bridal makeup and become a professional makeup artist.

Me: What is the difference between Taiwanese and Singaporean women when it comes to cosmetics and make up?

Mia: Taiwanese are more particular about make up as compared to Singaporeans in general.  The makeup traits for Taiwanese are skewing towards the Japanese and Korean styles whilst Singapore women are more skewed towards the European styles.

Me: Why do you think there is such a difference?

Mia: Mainly due to climate and culture.

Me: The theme of your workshop is called “Reset Your Youth”. What should we expect from this workshop?

Mia: I hope that we will be able to make everyone love themselves a little more.  Makeup itself is a form of self confidence and discovery.  It portrays how we would like us to be seen to the world and hope that each person can realise how great they can look with simple make up techniques.

Me: That’s great! It feels a lot like the tagline of my company Passhen (pronounced as Pash-shun) which is to “Be The Best You”. Through Passhen, I really hope that we can empower women to feel better about themselves both on the inside and the outside.

A lot of people feel less confident because they feel that they look old and tired. Any quick tips on how to look 5 years younger with simple make up?

Mia: Moisturise. Moisturise. Moisturise. By making your skin more radiant and providing lift techniques to your make up combining with sufficient moisturising will help any woman look younger.

Me: Primer, foundation, BB cream, powder, bronzer…ah…why are there so many things that I have to put onto my face even before I start putting on colour?

Mia: Most women do not have enough moisture in their skin and as a result, the effect of the make up which they apply on is not optimised.  All these ‘extra’ products help to create a solid foundation to allow the make up to achieve its best effects.  So, if you have skin that is properly moisturised, you might not need to use any of these products at all!  That is why maintenance of your skin and complexion is as equally important as make up techniques. 

Me: Is that how you found out about Motives (the brand that Mia is using)?

Mia: I have sensitive skin since young and have always been trying to find a cosmetics brand which women with a similar condition can use.  I have tried many cosmetics brand before and amongst those that I have used, Motives comes across as the most effective in terms of pricing and usability. 

Motives ranks number 1 in internet sales throughout America and is ranked number 3 on combined retail and online sales.  The founder of Motives, Loren Ridinger, created the line to help every woman achieve their own identity and empower themselves to live a more fulfilling life by being beautiful.

Me: Describe your make up style in 3 words.

Mia:  Clean, Refreshing, Natural.

Me: Thank you Mia for explaining a little more about Motives and make up! I look forward to your workshop on the 11th of July! Shout out to our Facebook winner too! Can’t wait to see her makeover!

Mia: You’re most welcome and see you there!

If you’d like to attend Mia’s make up workshop alone or attend the full day of exercise as well as Mia’s workshop, do visit WellnessYogi RESET‘s registration site ( or visit for more details!

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