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Our main event will be a special night yoga named “Kalari Yoga” and this session will take place from 8-9pm!

What is Kalari Yoga? It is a rhythmic yoga flow that pulsates with the energy of the sacred circle. It is as gentle as it is strong, as calming as it is energizing, and as uplifting as it is grounding.

Kalari is the journey of learning, being wholly present, finding groundlessness in flight and tranquility in flow. This special workshop will be accompanied by Shamanic music from the Desert Dwellers so it will be an audio treat as well as visual treat as you’ll be looking at the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade while holding your poses. Furthermore, we’ve gotten word that there will be fireworks coming from the Marina Barrage on that day too!

Come and join us during our WellnessYogi RESET to experience this new yoga flow and understand yourself better!

Kalari Yoga & After Party sessions only     $20
Full Day Passes      start from $35

Note: Full Day Pass attendees will receive a goodie bag worth $60! Details on the goodie bag will be out later…

Kalari Yoga is brought to you by:

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