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I had bought a pack of NCLA Hello Kitty Nail Wraps a couple of months back and I decided to finally put them to use. They were not cheap…at about $24 for 24 sticks. That’s $1 a sticker! With a small nail file.

I decided not to do all the nails with the wraps so for the other 3 fingers, I used a Chanel red as a base colour before layering on OPI’s Bearest Of Them All from the Coca-Cola bear series.

NCLA has a whole Hello Kitty range and ALL of them are adorable! I decided to go with this faceless kitty chan with white and black as the base. Honestly, I think that the wraps that I bought from Hello Kitty itself (you can see my previous Hello Kitty ribbon nail design here) was a lot thinner and easier to use. I’m now wondering whether my previous fears about the removal of these stickers will come true. Well, this will determine whether I’ll buy another set of nail stickers from NCLA again.

Besides the fact that these nail wraps are so darn cute, I used them also because of a very common reason: I’m just too busy! I wanted a quick manicure design that was cute but effortless. After doing them though…I couldn’t help but wonder whether it was worth the lack of effort. I still managed to get some creases under the wrap and it didn’t fit my nail perfectly. I made up for it by using my nail dot pen and colouring in the uncovered spaces.

One day I shall attempt to do all these designs without the use of nail wraps! But first…let’s use up said wraps.

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