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Look what came into the mail a couple of weeks ago! I know…I’m reviewing this pretty late but I wanted to give you guys a more thorough review. Especially when it comes to our precious crowning glory.

What intrigued me the most in this package is the nifty massage shampoo brush. Check out the rubber brush head!

It’s not simply round tips like what a lot of shampoo brush heads are. These are very soft and flexible and has spaced smaller round tips with those more tooth-like tips. Gadget gimmick or real scalp massager? Will let you guys know later what I think about these.

As you can see, I got a total of 4 bottles – Essential Light Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner as well as the Essential Deep Cleansing Care Shampoo & Conditioner. If you’ve been following me on my blog, you’ll know that I’ve talked about how I’ve got oily scalp but the tips of my hair is quite dry. Same goes with the 2 series.

Essential believes that there are many people like me who have combination scalp/hair. As such, 1 shampoo and conditioner doesn’t fit all.

I tried the light finish volumising shampoo first as I wanted to bring some lustre to the tips of my hair. The shampoo smelt quite floral and fruity – quite normal. It lathers a lot, which is essential (haha…pun unintended) when you want to massage your scalp with the brush! After the shampoo, my hair did feel a bit more moisturised and the conditioner was quite similar to the usual oily type. I used this shampoo for 1 week and my hair was a bit flatter than usual. I think instead of volumising my hair, it was so moisturised that it decided to lay flat. Scalp oiliness remained the same.

After 1 week of the light finish volumising shampoo, I tried the Deep Cleansing Care. The shampoo is clear (unlike the light finish which was creamy) and I could feel that it really did wash off the oil from my scalp! Scalp was left squeaky clean! Like it’s sister shampoo, the Deep Cleansing Care shampoo lathers a lot. My hair had a bit more lift after using this range.

The following week, I used both shampoos interchangeably. 1 Day was the deep cleansing and then the next day was the light finish. I must say that my hair overall became very soft and less frizzy! I also had to cut back on the Argan oil that I usually condition my hair with after I towel dry my hair. So it’s true…if you have combination scalp/hair, you do need more than 1 type of shampoo because the deep cleansing range will clean the scalp while the light finish range will help moisturise the hair tips.

Onto the brushes! The shampoo brushes come in 2 lovely bright colours – hot pink and mint green! I took the pink one and gave the green one to my mum. The picture above shows how you’re supposed to store them when not in use so that it dries off properly.

When using them, you’re not supposed to swirl it around (the other brushes don’t tell you this!) but instead, use it in a zigzag motion from top to bottom. Apparently, such brushes are a common haircare tool in Japan and this helps to clean off sebum and dirt from the scalp while improving blood circulation. Does feel quite soothing and because no fingernails were involved, my manicure lasted a little longer than usual!

Good news! For a limited time period, when you purchase a 750ml Shampoo and Conditioner set, you’ll get a free massage brush for only S$19.60! These Essential shampoo conditioner sets are sold in all major supermarkets as well as Watson’s and Guardian.

For those who want to try samples first, get your sample packs from Essential’s Facebook page

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