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Mia opened her class by showing slides of Japanese models who were in their mid-40s and looked absolutely STUNNING. Nobody would’ve believed that they were above their 20s and they really put the whole lot of us to shame.

“Think that their faces look very natural? Let me tell you…there’s a lot of make up involved!” exclaimed Mia to the small class of about 12 students.

Here, we begin the 2 hour class on how to perfect that ‘natural’ beauty look that’s so in vogue and how to make one look younger.

Using my friend as her model, Mia used only half of the face to demonstrate how to achieve that natural look. First off – primer. Followed by a very good foundation that’s applied with a sponge. Mia emphasised that we should dab the foundation on instead of dragging it across our skin in order to have full coverage.

Despite the full range of Motives cosmetics laid out onto the table, Mia had requested that her students to bring their personal cosmetics to the class as the objective of the class was to teach techniques. Nonetheless, my friend (the ‘model’) later told me how light and smooth the foundation and gel eyeliner were. The brushes were uber soft too!

Men can wear make up too! Especially the more ‘natural’ look! It’s all about evening out one’s skin tone and brightening up the eyes. When it comes to Asian eyes, we tend to have more sparse eyelashes, which is why a bit of eyeliner along the waterline will go a long way.

Even double eyelids for the day!

I was thrust into the world of make up tape and cutting it such that it is customised for your own eyes. Even if you have double eyelids, Mia recommends using the tape so that your eyes will become even larger! For me…it was just a matter of having double eyelids with the same thickness (my right eye has a thinner fold).

If you’d like to know more about how to effectively use make up to Reset Your Youth, do join Mia at her next workshop with WellnessYogi on 11 July at the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade. Her workshop is bundled together with Trichokare’s Hair Wellness at only S$20 or you can purchase a Full Day Pass (starts from S$35 and comes with a goodie bag worth S$60)! Register at:

See you there!

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