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In my quest for more hair, as I’ve mentioned in another post, I’ve got a full on strategy on how to combat my hair loss problem and I figured that there’s no harm in trying out another herbal remedy that’s available.

TK Trichokare has been in Singapore since 2005 and unlike their competitors Yun Nam and Bee Choo (both of which I’ve gone to and still occasionally go to), Trichokare uses European herbs instead of Chinese herbs. Also, they have a group of Trichologists who work with them to train their staff as well as validate the efficacy of the chemicals and ingredients used in their treatments.

I was invited to try out their Puri-Scalp treatment (S$69.99 for 1st timers but my readers can get it at S$59 here) and you know that their business is booming when it was soo hard to fix a weekday night appointment with them. I finally managed to get a slot last Wed at their Orchard Gateway branch.

When you step in, you realise that it does not have any distinctive herbal smell. In fact, it smells too…normal? The decor definitely sets it apart from the very utilitarian set up of both Yun Nam and Bee Choo.

Was led into a consultation room with a computer and scanner. This is where I normally will have my guard up and be prepared to be hard sold on how hair follicles work and how unhealthy my scalp is yada yada yada….

My consultant and therapist, En En, was really nice and I was totally upfront with her about my recent trip to Bee Choo on Sunday to colour my grey hair as well as to help curb the hair loss. In fact, she was so cool about it and there wasn’t any bitching about the competitors or the typical “what makes us different is ____” speech.

This is the result of my 1st scan. Top left scan showed that I do have some oil blocking up some hair follicles and some areas of my scalp was really greasy. Also, I was quite amazed at how the herbs from Bee Choo was still staining my scalp!

The consultant then told me that oily scalp and hair loss is quite common and for most clients, she recommends going for weekly scalp treatments (if you’re already on a hair treatment programme) to first stablise the oil glands on the scalp before they go into the hair growth treatment. Rationale is this: if you don’t get rid of the oil/dandruff, your follicles are not going to be able to absorb the treatment and hair loss will still continue.

Good news is that my follicles are generally healthy. Only issue was the greasy scalp plus the baby hair growing is getting thinner and thinner because of the oil clogs. So…it is important for me to have a clean scalp!

I then went on about my Hair Max and cold laser (yes…I am so honest…just to catch people off guard) and I was pleasantly surprised when En En said that Trichokare used to use it but stopped for reasons unbeknownst to her. She then told me to use it immediately after I’ve applied my hair tonic (yes, she knew that it was from Bee Choo) to encourage further absorption of the tonic.

I also asked what’s the usual “package” (oops…kinda bordering on being a trick question) where she said that it depends on individual clients’ needs as well as response to the treatment. Most important was to first regulate the scalp before working on strengthening the hair and then increase density.

With that, it was onto the treatment area!

Looks like a typical hairdresser salon, no? But what struck me was this: no herbal smell! My therapist told me that it’s probably because instead of boiling down the herbs and fermenting it, Trichokare products are made from the extraction of the herbal essences. In other words, they extract what actually helps with the hair growth and prevents hair loss from the herbs instead of using it lock, stock and barrel.

My therapist soon came along to slather my scalp with the scalp purifying solution with what looks strangely like a paint brush. The solution had a very light floral herbal scent from the European botanicals. Think more Ricola as opposed to Hock___ Herbal Medical Hall. After which, I was given a very relaxing head massage before I was left to my own devices for the next 10 min.

When bored, take selfie with horrible hair. Haha…anyway, I felt a slight itch on my scalp after a couple of minutes. According to the therapist, it is normal and some clients even described it as tingly or stinging. Why? Apparently, this scalp purifying treatment is working on the oil on my scalp as well as the oil globules coming out from the glands under the skin.

Soon, it was off to the washing area to shampoo this all off and that’s where the pampering began. My hair was shampooed twice and each round came with a head massage. 3 massages within a short span of time! Can’t complain. My therapist also took a lot of time to use her fingers to separate my hair before conditioning it. It was not rushed and she really took her time when she encountered any knots.

Back at my seat, the pampering continued by a warm herbal ‘pillow’ (with a few drops of essential oil) that wrapped around my shoulders and my therapist gave me a shoulder massage while waiting for the towel to absorb more moisture from my hair. Those pillows are imported from overseas and you can purchase one from the shop for S$129 and enjoy some warm relief on the shoulders at home.

She thoroughly dried my hair before adding tonic as she mentioned that you should ensure that you apply tonic to a dry scalp so that it’s not diluted and fully absorbed by your hair follicles. When she felt how dry my hair tips were, she even added serum!

While this was all going on, she told me how many of her colleagues were former hair stylists before moving to learn more about hair wellness. Thus, if you find out that your therapist is one of these former hair stylists, you definitely can ask them for tips on cutting certain hair styles to better cover up those bald spots while looking sassy, 😉

My therapist definitely learnt quite a bit from her colleagues because her blow dry techniques were very professional. Quite a contrast to the random drying I keep experiencing at Bee Choo and had experienced at Yun Nam (don’t talk to me about how some of the YN therapists messed up my hairstyle).

After making my hair perfectly straight and bouncy, I was wrapped by the octopus of anti-bacterialism. Ok, that’s not a proper word. I just coined it. This contraption is to kill off any germs and bacteria because we all know how much they love water and how they’re evil to hair follicles. ‘Nuff said.

It’s back to the consultation room after the treatment for another scan. The top 2 images are the before while the bottom 2 are the after pictures. As you can see, their puri-scalp treatment got rid of the oil and brown stain from my scalp, something that my shampoo could not do for the past 3 days! Unfortunately, some stubborn oil blobs are still on my scalp but that’s why it takes about a month or so for the scalp to be perfectly clean and balanced before further treatments can take place.

Besides the pampering and relaxation, the best thing about my trip to Trichokare was that there was NO hard sell. They let you know your options and that they scan your scalp at every session so as to track your scalp progress and customise your treatments.

A day after the treatment, my scalp was visibly less oily throughout the whole day! I was warned that the opposite may happen because the herbal solution sometimes is very effective at extracting oil from the oil glands, encouraging expulsion so that it can be washed away through shampoo. My scalp was less itchy and I saw fewer strands of hair in the shower! Needless to say, I am very happy with this trial session and I might have to visit them again. Especially when I can get another session for $39 and the following one at a $90 discount. Details below:

Trichokare is a Gold Sponsor at WellnessYogi RESET on 11 July where they will talk more about Hair Care and wellness at their 2.45pm workshop. In addition, they have a few special treats for attendees:

  1. Early birds will get a complimentary Puri-Scalp Treatment AND the chance to win $500 worth of Capitaland Vouchers when they fill in the lucky draw form on the day itself!
  2. Full Day Pass holders will get a $90 discount voucher for the Puri-Scalp Treatment + Detox + Scalp Therapy (U.P. S$388) and a free home care kit with an anti-static hair brush

If you’re not going for the workshop, join us at the Wellness Bazaar that is open to the public as Trichokare will also have special prices JUST for the day! Instead of the usual S$69.99 as mentioned earlier (as well as on their website), you can get a trial session of Puri-Scalp Treatment + Detox + Scalp Therapy for only S$39!

For my readers who can’t make it down to the event, fret not. You’ll get a discount too. You can also get a trial session of the Puri-Scalp Treatment + Detox + Scalp Therapy for S$59 when you click this LINK.

Go on…challenge the science behind hair growth and start your own hair and scalp care regime.

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