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As you guys know, I’ve been busy meeting up with people in the beauty and wellness industry due to Pásshen and through one of these meetings, I was sharing my experience at Jonsson VE and then that little bird told me that Jonsson belongs to the Euro Group!

If you do a simple search on them, you’ll find out that some big brands such as Yun Nam, New York Skin Solutions, London Weight Management and Dorra Slimming belong to them. Thus, when I heard that Jonsson belongs to them…my immediate reaction was, “NO WONDER they hard-sell!” Oops…sorry brands-that-I’ve-listed, but you guys do have a reputation.

Apparently, my experience was not unique. My business counterpart had the exact same experience and she said that they were so relentless that she ended up buying shampoo just to stop them from bugging her further.

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When I told her that I walked out of Jonsson with my hair wet until they asked me to go back to my seat, she was half-shocked and half-applauding me.

The industry HAS to change. Although not all spas and salons are the culprits, the usual way of selling packages and forcing it down people’s throats is not going to work any longer. Moreover, it doesn’t make any financial sense. Salons/spas will get an initially high revenue but as these clients will be buying a package that lasts a whole year, they’re not going to be spending any more after that initial package. Chances of them renewing once their package is up is also quite slim. More and more gyms are recognising that and instead of making their clients pay the whole year’s membership, many of them are collecting monthly or even bi-weekly fees!

Clients are speaking. Why aren’t the salons listening?

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