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We rented the car for 2 days so on Sunday, we decided to go out of Manhattan island and explore other parts of New York! Joanne had brought along a guide book which recommended visiting DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). DUMBO is a neighbourhood in the borough of Brooklyn and I was thrilled when I was planning the route there as it would mean that we will be driving ON the Brooklyn Bridge – one of THE oldest bridges in the USA!!

The sad thing is that it was raining, so we it was marred by grey skies and of course, you saw the window wipers doing their job. As such, we couldn’t really walk around the neighbourhood which is largely populated by artists and tech firms. Seems weird but with these 2 industries, you get a different vibe and feel from Manhattan for sure.

Although we couldn’t walk around, we tried our best by driving through the neighbourhood to soak in the architecture:

I felt that this building really stood out due to the intricate details AND it was very colourful. This is quite representative of the other buildings in the neighbourhood, which were all more red than grey!

Anyway, the rain didn’t let up so we decided to drive over to another borough of Williamsburg and searched for Momofuku Milk Bar! Dessert time!

The menu

I went for their Cereal Milk Shake (US$6.20) and it reminds me of Horlicks. Although I was rather pleased to see some cereal bits in the shake. Not that I can complain because Horlicks in a milkshake is extremely delicious!

My Cereal Milk shake

I was quite surprised to learn that the law in the US states that you have to consume alcoholic beverages within the restaurant/cafe/eatery! So sad that I couldn’t try their alcoholic shakes because Ken was in the car waiting for Joanne and I to return with the desserts. We couldn’t find parking 😛

Joanne and Ken had the ice creams alone and boy did they melt super quickly and it didn’t help that the cups holding the ice cream was super tiny. I ended up having loads of melted cream on my hand as I walked to the car with Ken’s ice cream.

Again, the architecture in Williamsburg is a real contrast to that in Brooklyn and Manhattan. It’s a lot flatter and has a slight bohemian/ hipster feel coupled with a lot of grunge.

After ‘dessert’, Ken decided to have ‘real food’ and he got all excited about Costco’s pizza. Hence, we typed in ‘Costco’ into the GPS and headed over to the nearest branch.

Joanne and I decided to share a massive churro (US$1+) and it looks like wifi is more important to her…haha. The churro was rather disappointing. It was too doughy. So sad.

Ken not only decided to get a slice of pizza (US$1.99+), he also ordered the beef brisket burger (US$4.99+) and it was rather amazing to see him chomp all of that down after the ice cream. Wish I could trade metabolism with him.

After Costco, we really didn’t have much time to do anything but return to Manhattan and send the car back. Ironically, we were all so tired that when the rental service drove us back, we didn’t tell him to stop at the right junction so we ended up in the dodgier area of BUT…we found White Castle!

It doesn’t cease to amaze me that 1 slider like this costs only US$0.99. It’s no wonder that the poor are sustaining on fast food and getting more health problems! Honestly, White Castle isn’t that great. It’s just cheap and will fill up the tummies of those who can’t afford better meals. Thanks Harold and Kumar for bringing more fame to this brand!

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