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That’s us fresh after a shower because 24 hours of flying does make you want to jump into the shower first. As there are 3 of us, we rented a 2-bedroom apartment via Airbnb and it’s really nothing much so no point taking photos of it.

However, it’s located on the Upper West side (although it’s technically still in the Harlem borough) and right next to Central Park so it is quite an ok place to stay. I still would’ve preferred to have stayed somewhere in mid/down town but alas, those get really expensive.

What’s great is that we got a memory foam queen sized bed! Shared it with Joanne. I think that’s the main part of the apartment that I really enjoyed.

Typical New York, the apartment was tiny and we had to climb up 5 storeys to get to it! Thank goodness our luggage wasn’t dreadfully heavy. Otherwise, it would’ve been a nightmare. So thrilled to be on holiday and looking forward to meeting some old friends tomorrow!

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