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Since I’m in New York, I decided to catch up with 2 business associates, one of which I consider my good friend – iBillionaire and SMB Capital. Got into contact with iBillionaire recently in my previous job and so I reached out to Raul, their CEO, for lunch today.

First trip together on the subway and it’s Ken’s first time in NYC! So yeah…photo time! We met up with Raul at his office in Chinatown but he brought us to a small Italian restaurant in between Chinatown and Little Italy for lunch instead.

I love the random art on buildings and on the pavement. Adds a lot of vibrancy and colour to the place. The pic just above made me LOL!

This small little Italian joint has some pretty good lunches for only US$10+ per dish!

I ordered the papardelle with beef brisket as recommended by Raul while Jo ordered the penne with cheese.

As you can see, they didn’t skimp on the cheese. My papardelle was sooo good and it reminded me of the papardelle that I had in Italy. Really made me miss Italy after a mouthful.

Us with Raul

Ken and Raul in deep discussion

Besides it being a casual meeting, it was also a discussion on trading as well as pointers on how to operate as a startup. I believe that both Ken and I gained quite a bit of advice from Raul and to think that Raul is a year younger than I!

I really like the cosy feeling of the restaurant and unfortunately, I was too caught up in talking to take note of the name of the place. Oops.

Next up was SMB Capital where we arrived at 4pm and was in heavy discussion with a few of their people. Too lengthy and unsuitable for this blog to mention what was discussed. That also explains why I didn’t take any photos of their office. Too busy yakking.

If you’ve been following my blog, you would’ve read a post 2 years ago where I mentioned that Mike Bellafore had kindly included my name in the acknowledgement section of his second book! Anyway, after the whole discussion, Mike (better known as Bella in the prop trading world), took us out for a Mexican dinner!

Guacamole with nachos to start

I ordered surf and turf tacos as I couldn’t decide between being a carnivore or not. So, this is perfect. Also, I love soft tacos.

Ken went carnivorous and ordered the beef short ribs. It was cooked to perfection and was really soft and tender! Made me wonder why I didn’t order that to begin with as my tacos were a bit too floury…if you know what I mean.

Jo ordered an enchilada with black bean sauce. Funnily enough, she thought that it would be dry but then, all the enchiladas that I’ve eaten all look like that. I took a bite of it and it was really good! Darn it. Having food envy.

All in all, I enjoyed the meal because it has been 2 years since I’ve last seen Mike and it was great catching up with him again. I really like talking to him because he’s older, wiser and more experienced. Therefore, he gives me good advice as well as another perspective on things.

If you’re really into trading, I highly recommend reading his 2 books – “One Good Trade” and “The Playbook“. Trading isn’t gambling because all serious traders put in a lot of homework!!

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