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“Faith In Face” – the no. 1 hydrogel mask brand in Korea finally hits the shores of Singapore! It is sold exclusively at Watsons for S$14.50 for 3 pieces and in 5 variants:

  • Miss Invisible Pore 
  • Hold Me Tight
  • After Shower Look
  • Nourish Me
  • Film Star

Straight off the back, I love the names given to each type of face mask. Really tells you succinctly the properties of the mask and what you hope to achieve after masking. Another noteworthy item is that all Faith in Face hydrogels are made from organic and naturally derived vegetable collagen. With no paraben and additives, these masks are suitable for people with sensitive skin! Hooray for gentle but powerful skincare!

The name of the company came about because of their motto of “Faith in Face, Origin of Beauty” and they do not believe in changing the face in order to be beautiful. It’s right up the same alley as Pásshen where I believe that every woman is beautiful but it’s just a matter of becoming the best of you.

Although I received a pink box that’s meant for “After Shower” hydrogel masks, thanks to Sample Store and “Faith In Face”, I actually received the following 3 hydrogel masks:

  • Film Star
  • After Shower Look
  • Nourish Me

I was really curious as to what the ‘After Shower Look’ is…so here’s my REAL after shower look:

Pardon my messy hair as I normally will work on my face first before doing anything to my hair. Seems pretty normal sans makeup.

The mask comes in 2 pieces (top and bottom of the face) and were really moist, with a smooth side and a rough side. Have you always wondered which part to slap onto your face? Apparently, it should be the smooth side. So if you’ve been doing it wrongly all this while…now you know.

30 min later…I think my face looks the same! Haha…so…is it really the ‘after shower’ look? One thing is for sure, my skin felt naturally moisturised and the gel mask was quite dry. This meant that my skin fully absorbed all the moisturiser in the mask!

Honestly, I tried the other 2 masks and the effects were the same. Do let me know if you see any remarkable difference because I don’t think the photos show them. I can only feel that my skin wasn’t thirsty, if you know what I mean.

To find out more about Faith in Face, head onto their Facebook page ( and ‘like’ them!

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