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Wellness Coach Chong Su Lee with our Director, Melissa Fann
It’s Day 2 of Pásshen’s Beauty Week and the workshop was aptly named “Beauty Secrets From The Kitchen” where wellness coach, Chong Su Lee, from Look Good Feel Great Always shared 2 types of beauty secrets – food intake as well as skincare.

The event was held at Route 44, a nice quiet cafe at 44 Rochester Park, which also believes in healthy meals and drinks.

The audience was first introduced to the idea of eating for your lifestyle where you should eat more carbs if you’re an athlete or reduce it if you’re desk bound. Moreover, everyone is NOT consuming enough vegetables. Most people consume only 1 to 3 portions a day (1 portion is about 1 fist-sized) but the daily recommended intake is more like 5 to 6 portions. That’s almost 2 portions per meal! Which is why Su Lee said that she fulfils 2 portions at breakfast by drinking vegetable and fruit juice every morning. We’ll soon get to juicing later.

Su Lee tailored the salad buffet portioning based on the book “Fit Not Fat“, which was written by 2 nutritionists. In the book, it clearly states the nutritional and caloric value of things that are often found in salads and not all salads are really healthy if there are lots of dressing or fatty proteins.

Mortar, pestle, cotton wool and some interesting ingredients

After the talk about ratio of vegetables, carbs and protein one should eat in one’s diet, Su Lee then went on to talk about how certain items in our kitchen can also be used to improve our skin! With her mortar and pestle, Su Lee showed the attendees how to mash up pineapple and strawberry to make simple facial masks that can help with moisturising and pore cleansing. Some of the attendees were also brave to do an oat scrub on the spot! Attendees that day also took back a ‘recipe book’ of all these facial masks and scrubs so that they can recreate them at home!

The buffet spread in the midst of being set up

After the physical demo, the audience could finally tuck into the salad buffet spread but everyone was very mindful about portion sizing and choosing the right ratio of protein, carbs and vegetables/fruit in their plates or bowls, depending on whether they wanted to eat a wrap or a pure salad.

For ‘dessert’ we were all treated to yummy cold pressed juices from Daily Juice. What’s cold pressed juice? Unlike conventional juicers, cold pressed juicer does not blend the fruit or vegetables. It literally uses force to squeeze the fruit or vegetables and thus, it preserves a lot more vitamins in the juice and yields more juice per gram of fruit. In addition, nuts can also be cold pressed to yield nut milk, a good substitute to dairy.

As a lot of nutritionists advise, it is preferred to drink your vegetables and eat your fruit. Why? Because fruits are high in sugar and drinking the juice alone without the fibre does you more harm but vegetables on the other hand, are full of vitamins and it is highly recommended to eat more portions but it is a lot of hard work to chew that much veggies. But veggie juice alone isn’t that palatable, which is why Daily Juice has concocted several different types of delicious juices that are high in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

Pásshen Director, Melissa Fann, with Yunye who won a beauty pass through intheloop magazine

After the event, several attendees said that they’ll definitely be more conscious about eating more veggies and drinking more water after listening to Su Lee’s advice. All who attended really enjoyed the workshop and were looking forward to more such workshops! We hear ya and will definitely keep this in mind!

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