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They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul but did you know that with the wrong eyebrow shape, it can dramatically change your look? In fact, you can take a look at 43 horrible eyebrows as curated by Buzzfeed here.

That is why Pásshen has teamed up with multiple award winning eyelash and aesthetician, Leticia Loh, from Exquisite Aura Lashes to hold a workshop on Mon, 16 Nov during our inaugural Beauty Week. We caught up with her for a quick update on the workshop.

Pásshen: What can attendees expect from the workshop?
Leticia:  I’ll be talking about the different eyebrow shapes and what kinds of face shapes suit which eyebrow shape. After that, the workshop participants will get hands-on and draw those shapes out. By the end of the workshop, they should be able to know how to draw their own eyebrows and shape them properly too.

Leticia and her awards

P: We understand that you’re also going to talk about eyelash extensions?
L: Yes, there have been some recent news reports on how eyelash extensions are bad for your eyes and I want to educate the public about it. It’s not that eyelash extensions are harmful, it’s who you go to and what sort of materials they use as well as how you maintain them that are important.

P: Where did you learn about eyelash extensions and eyebrow shaping?
L: I’ve always been interested in beauty so when my husband was working in Korea, I decided to take up an eyelash extension course. Soon, I found myself a Certified Eyelashes Extension Instructor by the International Eyelashes Design Association, Korea. I’ve been doing this for a year in Korea, being promoted very quickly within 6 months to Associate Director due to my techniques and customer service. However, we had to move back to Singapore so now here I am and I’ve started my freelance business “Exquisite Aura”.

One must note that although Eyelashes are Leticia’s expertise, she also is a National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology Certified Instructor for MircroPigment and Nail Technology. This is why she also does lip embroidery as part of her service. Do check out Exquisite Aura’s listing on Pásshen here as well as register for your ticket to her workshop here.

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