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It has now been three weeks since I’ve embarked on this parasite cleansing journey…which means that I’ve also gone beyond the half way point! 10 more days! So, what interesting things happened this past week?

That, my dear friends, is not a rash under my armpit. I suddenly spotted it one day after my shower and was wondering what that was. It didn’t hurt nor itched. I suspected that it’s my lymph nodes flaring up and when I did some online research as to the positions of lymph nodes, I did hit the nail on the head.

My skin on my arms are still itching and I see more rashes coming up, which isn’t fun. The most irritating thing that has occurred so far is the mucus production in my sinuses. I’ve always had sinusitis and now I can feel a lot of drip back to my throat but my nostrils aren’t clogged up. Weird. However, this is affecting my sleep. I’ve started to snore instead of my usual heavy breathing and I’m breathing through my mouth while I sleep, causing a very dry mouth in the mornings.

Again, all these are typical detox features. Flaring up incredibly since it’s my first real detox/cleanse.  Good news is that I haven’t noticed any more critters in my stool during my trips to the loo. That probably also explains why the symptoms of the cleanse are now mainly on my skin and sinuses, because the herbs are now taking effect and helping to get rid of residual endotoxins.

What I find the most interesting thing now is that my appetite has gone down. I no longer crave for oily, fried foods such as fried chicken and french fries. Both of them used to be my biggest indulgences but during the week, I did buy a fried chicken wing and when I bit into it, it no longer tasted as wonderful as I thought it would. Also, I find that I’m eating less than my usual and that’s helping with maintaining my weight loss. I’m half surprised but yet rationally, I was expecting this to happen. Why? Parasites feed on your food and they are known to be the ones sending signals to your brain to eat more sugar and oily foods because that’s what they like to eat. And in large quantities. Now that I’ve finally gotten rid of them from my body, I don’t have these aliens telling my brain to feed my body with junk food. Furthermore, the hormones controlling the signals of sugar levels in the body etc can now work properly. Thus, I’m eating the amounts that I really require.

A lot of doctors and nutritionists poo-poo detox programmes saying that the body will naturally detox itself. Which is true. However, the body doesn’t naturally get rid of parasites and that is why after  starting this parasite cleanse, I’ve been recommending people to do it. Another problem with the modern diet is that we eat too much processed foods and then there’s also external pollution that’s messing with our skin. There’s just a lot for the body to process and it’s natural for the body to just detox as much as it can without overloading itself. What a herbal detox does is that it helps the body deal with the daily detoxification process. Best to think of it as banging down the previously small doors of the detox centres to become floodgates. Whoosh! Suddenly the body is processing a lot more toxins a day than it normally does and when it comes to a parasite cleanse, the body has to deal with extra endotoxins released from these dying parasites.

What I’m trying to say is that all these cleanses and detox programmes are a bit of a misnomer. The herbs or juices aren’t really the ones cleaning out the waste from your bodies. Your body itself is. What is going on is that these herbs and teas are supporting your body’s natural detoxification and allowing more toxins to be processed. Should you then go on a detox programme or parasite cleanse? It’s really up to you and what you’re comfortable with. If you do choose to go on one, do note that you’ll need to stick to it for at least 3 days to see any effects. It may not be easy the first time you do it but if you press on and carry on, the results are worth it. 1.5kg and counting!!

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