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I had the honour of meeting Elim Chew, founder of 77th Street and other famous brands in Singapore, where she was our mentor for the day during my workshop. As suggested by her, Pásshen will be undergoing a name change but our core mission remains the same.

Some of you would probably be wondering what Pásshen is all about in the first place. To break it down, it is essentially about enabling everyone to be Body Confident. Does not matter what shape or size you are at, just as long as you are comfortable and take steps to becoming healthier and feeling great.

Thus, we’ve created a poll and that’s where we’ll need YOUR help. There have been so many ideas that I can’t decide which name to choose. There’s also that irritating thing called domain which we had to cross check for availability whenever a nice name popped up.

Please help vote for your favourite name and one of the lucky ones who pick the winning name will also win a bottle of red wine (worth $80)! To vote, please fill in the poll below or visit

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