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IMG_1029Received this in the mail thanks to Sample Store and I was happy to find out that Dove has come up with a body wash just for people with sensitive skin, like me! I used to be plagued with eczema but it’s quite controlled now but it does mean that parts of my body does have higher sensitivity than others. It also doesn’t help that pollutants in the air plus the recent erratic weather (hot to cold to hot) in Singapore has been causing me to itch a bit.

How do you know if your skin is sensitive? Easy. If your skin turns red easily after using certain products or merely being rubbed against, that’s quite a sure sign that the outer most layer of your epidermis may be damaged and thus, causing skin sensitivity.

For people who have sensitive skin, it’s best to use mild cleansers but not all mild cleansers are made the same. I’ve used several other types of mild cleansers, especially those that market themselves as THE cleanser for those with eczema, and what I’ve found is that they may clean but they do not moisturise nor replenish the nutrients lost. That is why I was quite impressed with Dove’s Sensitive Skin body wash.

The viscosity and fragrance of this body wash is very typical of all Dove’s body washes. What is different is that Dove Sensitive Skin contains a unique formula “NutrientMoisture” which helps to replenish lost nutrients on the skin. It has been dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. After using it for a week, I must say that my skin feels moisturised, it doesn’t itch at all and it does not have that ‘tight’ feeling after rinse off.

Definitely a good product which I will buy once I’ve used up all my body wash! You can get yours today from Watson’s or get a sample pack from Sample Store today.

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