2016 Birthday Wishlist

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2016 Birthday Wishlist
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Ok, so I do this annually on the 1st of October and it’s not meant to be some show-off or list of demands but my wish list is meant to:

  1. Help people know what to get for me
  2. Inkling of what I hope for the future (sometimes)

Sometimes, instead of a wish list, I have a ‘do not want’ list instead in order for people to know what NOT to get me because I either have too much of said items or I just don’t need it. Anyway, without further ado, here are this year’s wishes:

    • A proper salon haircut (haven’t cut my hair for almost a year)
    • Body shower gel (no hard soaps because they tend to dry my skin out)
    • Hair serum/mask to tame my frizzy but thinning hair
    • Full body massage or foot reflexology
    • build The Wellness Insider website
    • Angel investors for The Wellness Insider
    • Sale of my wines (see pic below)
    • More customers for The Wellness Insider
    • Zara/Mango/H&M shopping vouchers (I lost weight so some clothes don’t fit that well)
    • Sponsor my name card design
    • Sponsor for my name card printing
    • Sponsor for my web hosting for a year
    • Sponsor wine storage for 1 month OR store your liquor in my warehouse space (share cost)
    • 2 month’s supply of coconut water
    • A facial
    • Sponsor the crowd funding of my book (link to be up soon!)


If you’re interested to know more about the wines, do DM me @melissa (through SAUCEink) or through Facebook.

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