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kombucha workshop
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I’ll be conducting a Basic Kombucha Workshop in January because I’ve found it really fun throughout my brewing journey and I’d like to share it with others!

kombucha workshop

What is kombucha?

According to Wikipedia, kombucha (not to be confused with Japanese seaweed tea konbucha) is a variety of fermented tea made using “Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast” (SCOBY). Through the fermentation process, enzymes, organic acids (sometimes ethanol), B vitamins, vitamin C and probiotics are produced. This is why a lot of people are now getting into the kombucha brewing as they just want to have a healthier alternative to soda while also reaping the benefits of a stronger gut.

What will be covered during the kombucha workshop?

In the first half, I will go through the basics of how you make the kombucha and how to take care of your scoby or even creating a scoby ‘hotel’. This is a hands-on workshop so you’ll be doing the whole process together with your starter kit and also get to bring it home together with a scoby.

You will also get to taste different ‘flavours’ of various kombucha that I’ve made with a simple guide on making your own flavoured fizzy tea with tried and tested ingredients.

In the second half, our dietician will talk about pre and probiotics and how it helps with gut health while also going through proper nutrition so that you will keep yourself in optimal health.

Due to limited space and time for scoby breeding, this workshop will only be for 10pax so book your seat early!

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