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tooth make up
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Yes. Apparently, that’s now a thing. Just like a normal mani pedi on your phalanges…you can give your teeth a sheen in various shades of white. Intrigued? So was I. That’s why I decided to spend S$27 on this tiny bottle of Tooth Make Up that was adorably shaped like a tooth!

tooth make up

According to the Japanese instructions, this is like a ‘tooth manicure’ as it’ll be a layer over the tooth. By the way, Tokyu Hands, would really appreciate English instructions cos not everyone reads Japanese 😉 It’s hilarious that it comes in 4 shades in increasing whiteness: Luna, Pearl, Snow and Aqua. I chose Aqua as I really like that white white look.

Above is my ‘before’ photo of my teeth and you can see that it’s not exactly the whitest of the white, which is understandable for most people’s enamel do yellow due to age plus consumption of tea/coffee. Now…onto the ‘make up’:

Step 1: Dry teeth with a cloth or wipe
Step 2: Line your lips and a bit of gum with either a small towel or tissue to prevent saliva from affecting the teeth
Step 3: Apply 1 coat onto the top 4 teeth. Allow to dry for 10 seconds before applying the subsequent layer.

This is the ‘after’ shot. Unfortunately, it’s not very clear from the photos but my teeth WERE significantly whiter thanks to the product. However, also because of the product, the white wasn’t even and was a little streaky. The feeling of the Tooth Make Up was a little chalky but it has no taste whatsoever.

So I wore it throughout the day and nobody made any comments on my teeth (whether it be about the white streaks etc) and I noticed that it was very long lasting! It didn’t come off when I ate or drank both hot and cold drinks. It only came off at the areas where my upper and lower set of teeth met and the edges, most probably due to friction. Needless to say, it came off totally after brushing.

Conclusion? I think this is great for that photoshoot where you want your teeth to be its pearliest or (as mentioned in the brochure) where you need an extra confidence boost in an interview etc. This isn’t a permanent solution of course, but it’s not harmful to your teeth and who knows, perhaps it evens help to protect your enamel from further staining!


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