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Spread the love is a new site up for us Singaporean females with a myriad of topics close to our hearts, mainly: beauty, fashion, relationships and other lifestyle intrigues that may inspire us on a daily basis. Of course, it helps that it is helmed by a team of females! Thus, you can be assured that the stories and articles are all close to our hearts.

What I like most about their articles is that they’re unafraid to tell it like it is. Very often, media tends to sugarcoat a lot of ‘news’ either because they do not wish to upset anyone or they’re given the items for review or simply because Singapore has a history of certain journalists receiving lawyer letters if they write something too political. Hence, the following article from is really a breath of fresh air.

In this Perspective piece on Minister Grace Fu’s 20-20 target for women in the workplace, I felt that it was very well balanced and more importantly, honest. Similar to the author Jing En, it may seem very female-positive at the get go but when you peel back the layers and implications, this may not actually be the correct way to move forward towards female equality and affirmation. I agree that when it comes to the board of directors, there shouldn’t be a set target because companies may be forced to choose a female director to fit the quota when her male counterpart may be more qualified. This will create more resentment towards her for sure.

Nonetheless, I disagree that the government doesn’t have a role to play in eliminating gender discrimination in the workplace. Instead, why isn’t the pay difference tackled? The argument is that because the boys serve 2 years of National Service, they get 2 years of ‘compensation’ for not entering the workforce at the same age as their female peers. Wouldn’t this be reasonable if the difference was only say $200/month and only for the first 2 years after they’ve entered the workforce? I have a colleague who is a year younger than me and I have just as much experience as him but he’s earning a lot more than I am. Is that fair?

Fear not…not all their articles are so serious. I especially laughed out loud at this:

If you’re a female Singaporean and would like to read content from likeminded people, then is for you! Who knows, something might entertain or inspire you and keep you sane in this crazy world that we’re living in now.

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