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DD Cream
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As mentioned previously, I attended the Sample Store Beauty Show and one of the goodie bag items was this DD cream by Userism and I managed to try it over the weekend while dolling up for my mum’s birthday dinner.

If you’re still unaware what DD Cream is, it stands for Dynamic Do-all and it’s the 3rd generation after BB (blemish balm) and CC (colour correction). The DD cream is supposed to be a combination of both BB and CC creams, which means quick but even coverage which helps to even out skin tone and even conceals.

This is before putting any DD cream. As you can see, my skin tone isn’t even and there’s a bit of redness along my cheeks towards the nose.

This is after the application of the DD cream. As you can see, the skin tone is evened out quite a bit and looks a lot dewier and moisturised without being oily. The coverage of enlarged pores was pretty decent but it still needed a bit more concealer to hide pimples and pimple scars.

I liked that the consistency of the DD cream was lighter than that of BB cream. There wasn’t any uneven smudges of beige on the skin and was spread pretty easily. It didn’t cover up enlarged pores as well as the BB cream but it’ll suffice ad your pores will hardly be visible after you put on more layers of make up.

This is me with full makeup now! I must say that the DD cream was light enough that I didn’t feel like I was wearing foundation, unlike BB cream for the first 10 mins after slapping it on. I liked that only half a squeeze was really enough for my whole face and no special tools, except my fingers, to get proper coverage.

Would I get this? Most likely will do once all my foundations run out because I like that it’s lightweight but strong enough to withstand perspiration and it didn’t feel like I was wearing any foundation!

To get your own tube of Userism DD Cream, you can now purchase it online through Beauty Keeper.

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