Fitness Journey – Day 16 (Boot Camp)

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Fitness Journey – Day 16 (Boot Camp)
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I had been battling the flu for the past week and had fever from Mon till Wed, which was why I didn’t do any exercise for the week. I was feeling a lot better on Fri, which was why I continued with my strength training with Joel and as a result, I can feel my biceps rather intensely.

That said, I’m not at 100% but still, I soldiered on for today’s boot camp although with my nose stuck, Joel gave me lighter exercises to do compared to Tracy and Fahima BUT…it was still cardio!

I must say that these boot camps are really good for getting rid of water retention! Haha…plus I was in doggy heaven as I saw all the poochies on their walks. Fell in love with 2 English Cocker Spaniels, Coco and Jasper, too (ahah, no surprise there).

I highly recommend joining us for this boot camp as I did have fun as there is camaraderie among the group and as we become more regular boot campers, I’m sure we’ll all turn into friends.

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