Fitness Journey – Day 22 (Yoga by the “beach”)

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Fitness Journey – Day 22 (Yoga by the “beach”)
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Went to the yoga session at DBS Regatta, but was organised by Lululemon, and I was shocked that how DBS had a real fake beach on the field of the Promontory.

Although the session started at 9am, there was no shade and it got really hot after the first 5 minutes into the yoga. The clear blue sky also meant that we got every single bit of sunlight. It soon turned into an unintended hot yoga sesh. Little ole me remembered to slap on the sunblock before leaving the home, which was why I went away with a freckled tan rather than being burnt into a crisp. There’s my Vitamin D for the week.

As for the yoga session itself, it felt a lot longer than an hour because of the heat but in reality, it was done within 50 min. My friend and I didn’t know that it was a strong session with some partner yoga in place. It was quite fun but the flow wasn’t as smooth as I would’ve liked it to be. Once more, I’m fully aware of how I’ve lost most of my tricep strength 🙁

I would’ve loved to explore the whole Regatta carnival area but alas, the weather was way too hot. Nonetheless, it was fun to hang out with my friend and do a bit of yoga, which was a lot more on strength training. Kinda made up for Tue where I didn’t go to the gym. Oops. Haha!

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