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metabolic tune up programme
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Look at the products I’m taking for the 60-Day Metabolic Tune Up Programme!

My wellness coach, Su Lee, called me one day and very excitedly told me about this new health programme that she’s embarking on and trying out herself. We met up to discuss and thus, we further crystallised the 60-Day Metabolic Tune Up Programme where I also incorporated my physical trainer, Joel, into the mix.

As seen from our banner above, there is a misconception that metabolism is about burning fat when it actually is more about the total energy required by our body to fulfil all the biochemical reactions which occur on a daily basis. Thus, when it comes to weight loss or even weight gain, it is about 3 things:

  1. Physical exercise
    This is essential in building muscles as well as burning off excess fats in your liver before burning off fats stored in your organs and other parts of your body. Muscles also help to increase your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is what metabolism is about.
  2. Nutrition
    We all know that diet plays a huge part in weight loss/gain. We instinctively know what is healthy versus what’s not but did you know that there also is a timing to when we consume our foods?
  3. Supplements
    As you can see from the photo above, there are a lot of ‘supplements’ involved in this programme but honestly, rather than calling them supplements, they’re more like food. All of the supplements you see above are made from natural ingredients and you can replicate them in your kitchen…if you can be bothered to get them all but you may not get the best sources and through your processing, might even destroy some of the nutrients.

This is why we named it the Metabolic Tune Up Programme – it is about adjusting your metabolism to be as healthy as possible so that you can enjoy life!

metabolic tune up programmeWould you call this Week 0 or Week 1? Oh well…whatever. Keep your eyes out for comparison shots which I’ll do week-on-week.

Day 1 breakfast – Lean Complete (meal replacement), LiFiber, BiosLife E, chlorophyll powder and Eyebright. 

As part of this programme, I did a full blood test to find out what are the levels of my cholesterol, triglycerides and fasting glucose. This would be a good indicator of my general health and whether I need to watch out for potential diseases such as heart disease or diabetes.

After my blood was drawn, I quickly satisfied my hungry self with a breakfast of the meal replacement. According to the programme, I am not allowed to eat anything in between for the next 4 hours. However, I was starting to get really hungry after 2 hours and had ‘complained’ to Su Lee. She then said that if so, it means that I’m not eating enough for a meal and therefore, I would need to add on some foods from the “Foods to Enjoy” list and to choose something high in protein.

Day 1 Lunch – Lean Complete, LiFiber, chlorophyll powder, Eyebright, acai powder and chia seeds. 

Because the breakfast wasn’t enough, it was a clear indication that lunch would not be enough either. Thus, I added chia seeds into the mix and increased the antioxidants with my acai powder. No BiosLife E as it contains matcha and caffeine and that would ruin my sleep at night. I also ate a hard-boiled egg. This seemed to help last for 4 hours, so I’m gonna repeat this for the whole 60 days.

Day 2 Dinner – a fistful of yam rice, half of the vegetables, kimchi, a quarter of a grilled saba fish, half a firm tofu, bean curd skin and pork.

Dinner was shared with my friend Zackiee who also is my Self-Defence coach and we did a 1 hour session before dinner which is a combo of cardio and strength training (oh…how I hate you burpees). Needless to say, I was hungry by dinner time. Sadly, the coffeeshop we went to didn’t have any stalls selling brown/red rice. Thus, I had to settle for yam (which is on the “Foods to Enjoy” list…woohoo) with a bit of the white rice.

One thing that I like about this programme is that it is about training you to eat correctly and sustainably, even beyond the 60-days. Thus, it’s not all about meal replacements although you do that for 2 weeks for 2 meals in order to reset and get rid of junk in your guts. It’s also about making better food choices because yam is a more complex carb compared to white rice and therefore, would make me feel fuller longer.

Day 4 lunch – Lontong! Curried vegetables and a hard boiled egg with my regular shake.

Su Lee wasn’t too happy about my choice of lunch due to the coconut milk used in lontong. However, as it was home cooked, my mum actually used half fresh milk and half coconut milk which made it a healthier choice. I did not eat the glutinous rice and instead, drank my usual lunch shake.

Felt really satisfying to eat a bit of ‘real’ food with my shake and Su Lee was saying that at least my consumption of the BiosLife Slim would help to absorb some of the oil and help to regulate the blood sugars.

Day 4 dinner – a third of everything above. (From top left, clockwise manner) Stir fried kailan with pork belly, stir fried fish head in black bean sauce, stir fried beef and steamed egg.

How is this a diet? You may ask that…and that’s the point! Diets often have this stereotype where you’re starving and you can’t take pleasure in your food. As you can see, I went out to have dinner with the parents (who are not on a diet) and still could eat whatever they ordered! I just ate a lot more vegetables to make up for the necessary carbs and did not eat any white rice.

Day 5 dinner – red brown rice, steamed fish, stir fried kang kong with sambal and black chicken ginseng soup.

Day 6 lunch – red brown rice, steamed fish, stir fried chicken in teriyaki sauce, stir fried Chinese spinach and groundnut soup

Because I had to ‘report’ what I ate and what exercises I had done in our group chat (this will be available to all those who purchase the programme), there was a sense of accountability. This made me a lot more conscious about what was on my plate and not to be lazy when it came to exercising. When I saw what Su Lee was eating and the exercises that she was doing…it kinda made me feel ashamed that I’ve been outdone by a 50-year old. LOL. On a more positive note, if she can do it, SO CAN I!

I did feel a bit more energetic within the first week although the first few days were a struggle with the hunger because I was still trying to find out how much calories I really needed to eat without actually counting. What I didn’t like were the farting. This is normal because there’s a sudden increase in fibre intake and one of the teas has a mild laxative effect to help get rid of junk.

Looking forward to seeing whether there’s any significant weight loss next week!

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