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I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets to the latest edition of Stephen King’s ‘IT’ and the best part? IMAX! So yup…I got to see crazy horror clown on a screen that spans from floor to ceiling.

What did I think of it? I liked the cinematography and I did feel that the editing team and the director did a very good job. The sound effects were really creepy too and when watching it in IMAX, we could really feel the vibrations and that really added to the creepiness.

It was definitely interesting to watch a movie that they’ve brought to be set in the 1980’s but it wasn’t really a movie to reminisce about the 80’s as you quickly forgot about the timeline as the story could be set in any time. IT was scary and gruesome at the right moments but the great thing is that at the end, you would’ve gotten over your fear just at the same time as the children and are able to face IT without closing your eyes.

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