2017 Birthday Wish List

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2017 Birthday Wish List
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It’s that time of the year where I make my annual wish list and again, I have to reiterate that I’m not being arrogant or demanding. It’s a sort of prayer to hope that I can get what I need/want as well as to help my friends figure out what to get for me. Makes their lives easier for sure 😉

So let the list begin!

  1. Sponsorship for a new iMac
    Sorry to my current faithful iMac but after 8 years…you’re beginning to hang one too many times and editing videos are a pain. 1 to 2 hours to render??
  2. A freelance editor for The Wellness Insider
  3. More business for The Wellness Insider
  4. A better mic for my BIGO streaming
    Do download the live streaming app BIGO and follow me @melfann. I sing at the SG MY Livehouse every Tue at 10.30pm! Come and support me please! I’m also on StarMaker…if you’re on that app.
  5. A new mobile phone holder to be attached to my tripod (current one is starting to come apart)
  6. Sponsorship for a short vacation
  7. Someone to do the accounts for The Wellness Insider FOC (just 1 year’s accounts)
  8. Facial cleanser that foams well and doesn’t have any beads
  9. Sponsorship to a hair-loss treatment
  10. Full body massage
  11. Mala hotpot
  12. iPad mini cover (hopefully in pink)

See…not too much right? But really…if the above can’t be fulfilled, then vouchers from Cold Storage/ ZARA/ Apple iTunes are also more than welcomed.

I’m quite excited about the celebrations this year as I’ll be having lunch with the parents on the 13th (actual day), then some friends are coming over on the 14th (Joe is making fresh pasta…drool…) while I’ll be meeting my BIGO friends on the 15th for karaoke in the afternoon before watching a play with my mum in the evening (my bro’s present to me).


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