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funcare collagen
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I admit it. I bought this collagen drink mainly because it has Hello Kitty on it and is so damn cute. Moreover, at S$12 per box of 6 (via Qoo10) it doesn’t break the bank to get 2 boxes delivered to my doorstep.

Taste-wise, it is very sweet but I do love the Peach flavour and it does make my kombucha a lot more fun to drink. Perks me up every morning when I open this up to drink! It also adds flavour and sweetness to my breakfast smoothie so I don’t need to add in any sweeteners to get a refreshing drink.

funcare collagen

What about efficacy? Well, those who have followed my blogs would know my stand on collagen and how it is a protein which will then be broken down into amino acids in your stomach. Well, I’ve since learnt that if you really want collagen to be more bioavailable, it also needs to be 3,000 Daltons in weight and below. It is only when it’s small enough that your body will be able to quickly digest it and then build the proper proteins that it needs. Trouble is that most manufacturers do not put the molecular weight of their collagen but only the amount (eg. 5000 mg). Hence, I was not really expecting much from this drink except the refreshing taste as well as another source of protein in my shake.

If you’re like me and you can’t consume too much phytoestrogens, collagen powders and drinks are an excellent substitute for the other types of protein powders which often contains soy. Even whey protein powders have a bit of soy in it because of the factory that manufactures the products.

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