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Last Thu, I did a Table Top Talk interview with my friend Cliff, aka OFFTHECLIFF. And after the more ‘serious’ talkshow, we did a jam session and here’s what came out of it…our collaboration cover of “Say Something”. We’ve been talking about doing this collaboration for about a year now (which is also how long I’ve known Cliff) and we finally found time between our busy schedules to get together and film it. We did this in 2 takes but of course, we did spend a bit of time trying to get the right harmonies and just to fit into each other’s style. Erm…more like me getting used to his singing style. Haha.

Hope that you guys enjoy it and do pardon our minor mistakes here and there.


Yes, I do sing. Was in the choir since I was in Primary 2 (if I remember correctly) so that explains the ability to harmonise with Cliff. Hahaha. If you guys are interested, do check out my Table Top Talk interview with him where we talked about his struggle as a freelance musician in Singapore. He shared his tips to young budding musicians and how he also tries to pay the bills with a career that is tough when you’re not a famous star.


I wish Cliff the best of luck in his chosen career and if you’re interested to book him for weddings/marriage proposals/normal gigs, do check him out via Facebook or Instagram.

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