Target Markets for Your Hand Bouquets

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Target Markets for Your Hand Bouquets
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In niche businesses such as flower arrangements and express flower deliveries, finding the audience or market best suited for their service or product can be challenging. Since they only offer a limited range of services like hand bouquet services, they can’t target their ads and other marketing materials to the general audience. The suggested target markets below may just be a few, but they can be a start, especially for startup businesses. If you are one of these startup online flower shops, here are some tips on how you can expand your audience and market as you meet different customers’ needs in the provided markets below.


There can be a lot of opportunities if you know how to tap into this market. Brides-to-be, especially new ones, are always in a frenzy — looking for possible suppliers and vendors. Of course, lucrative services other than hand bouquet can be promoted for weddings. There are several ways you can interest a bride-to-be to your Singapore Florist website — through your web design and content, your social media marketing, and your interpersonal marketing skills. The more marketing skills you have, the better you can thrive. But you can also focus on a single marketing technique such as social media if that is one of your strengths.


Debut parties are not as celebrated today as they were years before. Even so, debutantes do make it a big deal, making sure that their celebration is nothing less than perfect. Everything from catering down to flower arrangement is planned until the very last detail. If your products are mainly hand bouquet designs, you can focus on debutantes — or more likely their parents — in your promotions and social media posts. Since this is a young market with ever-changing trends, you should do a market study before starting your campaign so that your specific posts and materials on hand bouquets and other products and services such as same day flower delivery, weekly flower delivery are able to catch the attention of your target audience.


Prom, homecoming dances, and other school dances have a way of bringing a funny mix of excitement and panic among students. They always have the need to go as better versions of their regular self, so they will do what they can to stand out. These kinds of functions do not happen just once in a year, so you can be creative in making your marketing materials to convince prom-goers to choose your hand bouquet products. Other florists in Singapore might get competitive during such occasions, so you have to be smart in your promotions. Throwing in some discounts and promos might be a good way to get the most clients during prom season.

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