HIIT Bootcamp in the Park (Mt Faber)

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HIIT Bootcamp in the Park (Mt Faber)
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Trying to kick start your fitness journey? This boot camp is a fantastic way to start losing fats and improve your overall fitness.

Rapid-fire sequences of movements are designed to get you into shape while working out in a bootcamp style. With its high energy exercises, it is guaranteed to target most of your muscle groups and also to burn excessive calories.

We will be offering this bootcamp for the next 8 weeks, with each week building up to the next. Each week is structured so that both beginners and advanced participants are able to develop strength and improve range of motion while adding to any other exercise regime you may have.

  • $40 first session including free product
  • $80 for 4 sessions + 1 free trial
  • $120 for 8 sessions + 1 free trial

The first session includes a sample product of Bioslife E, made from high-quality Japanese matcha, which is full of antioxidants will help boost your energy levels throughout the day!

If you choose to sign up for 4 or 8 sessions, all you have to do is top up the difference and that day will be counted as the free trial.


We will meet at the plaza area nearest to the Henderson Waves.

* Please note that the instructor is Joel Quek.
* Please bring your own water and towel. Equipment will be provided.

To register, please complete the form through Eventbrite:


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