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JGR Enzyme
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It seems as if everyone talks about detox whenever the topic of wellness is touched on. Doctors will tell you that all these detox products are BS because our organs are already detoxifying all the junk that we eat and breathe in. While I agree with what the doctors say…I also see that most of us eat junk at a higher rate than what our bodies are able to cope. Hence the increase in numbers of people getting gout or Type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, it doesn’t hurt to help our bodies detox at optimal levels. Think about how you have regular cleaning for your bathroom pipes and air-con. Same logic.

A friend of mine introduced me to his new product – JGR Enzyme which is their signature detox product. It contains a long list of fruits and vegetables as well as probiotics. If you follow me on Kombucha Chronicles as well as The Wellness Insider, then you know that I’m a fan of probiotics and this group of good bacteria is important for your gut health.

The health of your gut is also important because more and more research shows that our overall health is linked to it. Makes a lot of sense since it is your intestines that digest your food, sends out the nutrients to the rest of your body as well as produces hormones such as serotonin. Hence, some people coin the guts as the “second brain”.

So I bought a month’s worth of JGR Enzymes to try. The product comes in powder, which you can mix with water or take it dry…although I don’t really recommend doing so as you might choke if you take too much dry powder at one shot. The recommended dosage is 1 packet a day, preferably in the morning or with your largest meal.

JGR Enzyme

For my convenience (and maybe laziness!), I added a sachet everyday into my morning smoothies as I liked that it added another dimension of flavour into it. If I know that I’ll be out the whole day, I just grab one sachet and put it into my bag so that I can mix it with water and take it with my meal.

The ingredients

What I liked about JGR Enzyme is that the ingredients are all natural and mainly fruits and vegetables. Moreover, they’ve gotten all the necessary food safety approvals to prove that it is safe for consumption.

The list is really long but some notable ones would be noni fruit, a lot of various berries, burdock root, vitamin C and probiotics. As such, it is rich in antioxidants which can help your body fight free radicals.

JGR Enzyme is supposed to be good for weight loss as the enzymes will help you better digest what you eat, which in turn will help increase energy levels and then your metabolism. Also, I reckon that getting rid of the junk in your trunk will also cause a bit of excess weight to go off. Better out than in for sure!

After a week

As of today, I’ve taken exactly 1 week’s worth of JGR Enzyme and here’s what happened to me.

Day 1

Felt as if my appetite was suppressed and I didn’t really feel like eating much for dinner. In fact, I only ate half before feeling super full. An hour later, I felt a lot of churning in my stomach and I had to go to the loo to release a lot of stool. Not quite diarrhoea level but I usually get this reaction only if I’ve been naughty and eaten a lot of fried foods. Was reminded to drink a lot of water.

I was warned that because there are enzymes inside, I may feel hungrier than usual but I had to tough it out. This was the most difficult part (yes, more than the loo bit) because I kept thinking about eating all the unhealthy foods at 11pm. Dear God. Help me.

Day 2

The churning continued but I also wondered whether they were hunger pangs. Couldn’t tell the difference. Hmmm. Had to go to the loo relatively often as well but the runs stopped in the afternoon. The cravings for unhealthy foods stopped as well and the churning quietened down in the evening. Did release a bit more gas than usual though.

Days 3-7

No more churning and no runs to the toilet. My friend was quite surprised as most people would experience the churning for a bit longer as the body is getting rid of junk while normalising. Goes to show that I’ve been eating quite clean!

I’ve been getting a few pimples thanks to hormonal fluctuations but I do find that they calm down faster than usual. Goes to show that the antioxidants are really helping to combat inflammation! I’m also not sure whether this is a result of the enzymes or hormones…but I find that my face isn’t as oily as usual.

The verdict

I would recommend this to people who have the following: constipation issues, gastric issues, a lot of acne/pimples or those who have yet to try any detox programme.

And with most foods, the toughest is always the first week but after that, it is a great feeling to know that your system is clean and will be working at optimal levels soon. I haven’t lost any weight, be it thanks to water or poop loss, and that’s probably because my diet has already been quite clean (I follow the nutritional guide through my Metabolic Tune Up Programme), but others who have tried it have said that they did lose weight or saw their skin conditions improve.

I like that with this 1 product, I can replace the need for other supplements such as vitamin C and probiotics. I’m definitely going to add this to my regular diet to increase my antioxidants so that I can control overall inflammation, which is a cause/symptom of my endometriosis.

Where to get it

Each box costs S$49 (1 week’s supply) and if you’re interested to try the product, do email me at to arrange for pick up or simply for more information.

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