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A lot of people have been leaving me comments on one (or more) of my previous reviews on Bee Choo’s hair treatment and the most frequently asked questions are: “Does it work? Are you still going to Bee Choo?” Thus, let me summarise all my replies as well as to expand a little bit more on what I didn’t say in my replies.

Am I still going to Bee Choo?

No, I’m no longer going to Bee Choo because I have long hair and I find that it is expensive to go in the long run. Moreover, I did not like how there wasn’t any review on my scalp etc except for personal observation.

Bee Choo’s plus points

I do find that if you’re suffering from dandruff, itchy scalp and lots of grey hair, then Bee Choo is a good solution. I did find that my scalp was calm and I didn’t need to waste money on expensive chemical hair dye, that may actually cause more hair loss.

The colour on the hair may look like henna but as per Bee Choo’s website (and if you ask the sales assistants), they don’t have henna in their herbal paste. But…we wouldn’t know unless someone is able to take a sample and send it over to the labs. Regardless whether there’s henna or not, they’re all herbs.

Bee Choo’s minus points

As mentioned before, there’s no review process. Thus, it’s purely based on your personal observation. Moreover, my hair loss is caused by both genetics and hormones. Since Bee Choo just puts you through their factory line, there’s no customisation of solution to tackle your specific hair needs.

In conclusion

Go and see a proper trichologist. I did like the one at TK Trichokare and I also saw the one at J’s Salon (side note: the trichologist at J’s Salon is June who is the owner and she is also the director hairstylist). A trichologist is better able to see your actual scalp’s needs and give you proper advice. We all know that if left to the sales assistants to scan, they’re going to pinpoint your problem areas and make it seem that their package is the one hair loss solution to rule them all.

I’m also taking biotin supplements and do take those with zinc as it helps improve absorption. Silica is also added into a lot of hair supplements and it is said to help improve hair and nails so you can either get those hair supplements that contain both biotin and silica or just take biotin alone and chug it with some mineral water (which naturally contains silica).

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Get a good hair tonic. I’ve used PHS Science’s tonic and I think that it is not bad for the price (about S$98 per bottle). I’ve switched to Keratase’s Cure Anti-chute (S$360 for 6 week’s supply from the salon but you can get it cheaper online) because that’s the tonic which J’s Salon is using in their hair loss treatment. I can’t comment on its efficacy right now because I’m still undergoing treatment. Maybe I should have a separate post on my current treatment…but I find that the packages are really quite expensive so I don’t want to do a review until much later.

Photo from PHS Science

Use a weekly pre-shampoo solution. Most people with hair loss tend to have clogged hair follicles. This is either because their scalps are too oily or too dry and so all the flakes get stuck. Thus, this weekly pre-shampoo will help to cleanse and ensure that your scalp is clean. Then will your shampoos and tonics be effectively absorbed. The one that I’m using is PHS Science’s ADV Elixir. They call it a primer but it’s the same thing. Trust me…the feeling on your scalp is different when you spray your tonic after using a primer/ pre-shampoo solution.

Use different shampoos on alternate days. I’ve mentioned this in my last post about what I’m doing in terms of my hair. You should alternate the types of shampoo that you use so that you don’t overhydrate or make your scalp too dry.

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